What is a perfect body?

A perfect body in the simpliest words is the body you accept, the body you love, the body you no longer have to compare to others and the body you are happy in. Perfect is non existent and everyone is so unique and different, we will never be exactly alike. There is no diet that can guide you to the perfect body, even working out 7 days a week may not bring you to your goals. 

Think about your body, and the fact that it is yours. Here are my best tips for a “perfect body”. 

1. Workout to be healthy, and feel confident. Not to harm your health in the process of achieving an image. 

2. Compliment yourself. Focus on your good qualities and rid your mind of your flaws. 

3. Don’t compare. You aren’t any other human on this earth, so stop comparing. 

4. Eat the right foods and do not starve yourself. (P.s. Chocolate is a must, of course in moderation☺️) 

5.  Learn to accept yourself, loving yourself first can help you love others so much more. 

6. Accept off days. A day where you feel bloated, stressed and overwhelmed doesn’t mean you have a horrible body and you need immediate change.  Relax and take life one day at a time. 

7. Say “See Ya” to your scale. Weight is just a number, just like your age. 

Happy Monday! I hope this helps you all. 


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