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Warming up and WM Nutrition

Warming up is something that I have not always done before my workouts. Recently I have incorporated a variety of warmups that I swear by and want to share with you.

Why is warming up important? Warming up prepares your body for the workout you are about to endure by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation to your muscles. Stretching your muscles before your workout out can also prevent injuries.

Is there anything more my warmups can do besides preventing injuries? Yes, in fact it increases your overall performance during your workout. A warmup has both physical and mental benefits. Deep breathing, along with muscle contraction allows your body to work more efficiently.

How long should I warmup? I personally warm up for 10 minutes, but 10-20 is a great range!

Warming up is great but should I cool down? Yes, I do a 5-8 min cool down whether its inclined treadmill walking or stretching! The goal is to get my heart rate below 120 Post high intensity workout. Cool down is so critical to your overall health after a workout. If you neglect to cool down, you can experience light headedness, fatigue etc. (Been there, done that, not fun!)

How intense should my warm ups be? Warm ups should not be painful, they are there to support your workout, focus on pain free warm ups by backing off at the first sign of discomfort.

In addition to warming up and cooling down I have been using protein powder and Pre-Workout from WM Nutrition 🙌🏻

My favorite flavor is Cookies & cream, I use it for a simple protein shake or pour it into my smoothie for extra protein. (Delish!)

WM Nutrition was so kind and gave you all 50% off your purchase with my code “kayla50“. Be sure to use it at checkout and give them a try! You’ll thank me later.

Wishing you all injury free workouts!