The ONE thing you MUST keep from Summer!

Happy Friday! Another week has flown by, just like this past Summer. There’s one thing you should keep from that Summer Bucket list… your TAN. 

Self Tanners can work miracles on your skin, moisturizing, adding a “glow” and maintaining that effortless natural tan year round. The hard part is finding a Self Tanner that doesn’t stain your clothes, turn you orange and is hassle free. 

As a girl on the go, I have a small amount of time to make my tan happen. Thankfully I have been rocking my tan from Summer to Fall with Tanceuticals Self Tanner. I am going to walk you through my process of tanning my face and body, as part of my nightly routine. You can have a flawless tan, with little effort and amazing products. 

First, I have my Self Tanning Face Lotion which is available in Dark and Light! I wash my face as normal, then use an exfoliating brush and scrub to prep my skin. Then I pour a quarter of the product on my palms and rub directly into my face, like a moisturizer. The reason I apply this at night, is to let the product sit on my face for a recommended 7-8 hours.  I was hesitant at first to put a Self Tanner directly on my face, in fear that I would wake up with an orange tint or even worse, a breakout. 

I have normal skin (not oily, not really dry) but I feel like this product is great for girls with dry skin, the Self Tanner acts as a moisturizer as well. The product is not over powering and gradually tints your skin with a tan. I typically apply this to my face 3 times a week, and a little product goes a long way!  I tan extremely easily so I use the color “dark”. If you want to try it out and haven’t gone dark, I recommend trying the light, then working your way into the darker tint.

Something that I like to do is exfoliate my neck as well, so that I can apply the Self Tanner directly to my neck for even coverage. This adds a more natural tan look, and no need for blending with bronzer/makeup. 

Next, I tan my body head to toe with the Tanceuticals Self Tanning Body Lotion again, I use the tint “dark”. There is a light option as well, for those who like to gradually build their tan or don’t tan very easily. The very first thing I do before tanning, is take a shower. I usually shave my legs (this acts as a natural exfoliater) and I then use a body scrub to remove any dead skin. If you are serious about a good tan, you will need to invest in an exfoliater! 

Tanceuticals Pre-Tan Exfoliater is reasonably priced, and has this amazing coconut scent (yum!). So after your exfoliate head to toe, you are ready to tan! I start by taking my Tanning Mitt (prevents your hands from staining) and squeezing the product directly on the mitt. Then I work my way from my feet up. I tan my entire body, feet, legs, stomach, back, neck, chest, arms and face.  Keep in mind you want to apply with even pressure and circular motions for best results and no streaking. 

Problem areas… Girls, let me tell you, I have never been able to successfully tan my back. EVER. I could not reach it, had to have assistance, or it was terribly uneven. I was so happy inside when Tanceuticals came out with their Body Buddy Back Applicator ❤️??  you mean I don’t have to twist my arms in all different directions to tan my body? (Life Made) 

The Body Buddy is such a game changer, it is so easy to use. You apply the Tanner directly to the applicator, then grab both ends and slide is across your back. #Goals am I right?

During the winter I tan my entire body twice a week, this works for me to keep a consistent tan, and I live in Florida so I might even be in shorts on Christmas ??

If you have never tried a Self Tanner, or need great results, I would recommend The Self Tanning Kit for starters. 

After all, Tanceuticals is the #1 rated Self Tanner: See HERE

Thank you Tanceuticals for sponsoring this post! 



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