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    Fall Overall Trends I Love!

    It is already November 1st and this year has flown by!  Next up is Thanksgiving and Christmas my absolute favorite time of the year.  Mostly because I am surrounded by family, friends and the best food.  I have been loving the Fall Trends this year, and finally bought an overall dress (obsessively wearing it on repeat). It is so cute and fun and would make a great thanksgiving outfit.


    I wore this outfit to a little Farmers Market in St. Augustine Fl called Rype and Readi!

    The Farmers market is SO cute, they had pumpkins in every size, shape and color.  Along with fruits, vegetables, wild animals, eggs, LOCAL HONEY (clearly my fav) and so much more.  I highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area.  Not only was this location so cute and fun, it was the perfect photo shoot location.  I met up with the talented Shelby of Shelby Williams Photography and took such fun photos in my Fall Themed outfit.


    Here are the latest overall trends I am loving, and you will be seeing more of on my Instagram! Click to Shop.

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    Wishing you all a wonderful November, and Happy Fall. 




  • Travel

    Roadtrip Essentials

    Happy Sunday Everyone!

    Taking a Roadtrip can be so much fun, but not having what you need on the trip is not. This weekend I took a Roadtrip for two  Orlando FL (My Fiance and I), and I have compiled a list of essentials that you will need for your car ride. Long or short, your trip will go smoothly with the following:

    Snack Essentials: 

    1. Candy
      • Sweets are always acceptable on vacation.  When Choosing Candy for your Roadtrip Indulgence, choose Wisely.  Yum Earth Organic Candy is not only a better choice, but leaves you feeling guilt free.  On our trip, we took Organic Pops (an assortment of pops, my personal Fav: Pomegranate Pucker), Organic Licorice (My Fav: Peach, Joseph’s Fav: Strawberry) and lastly, Organic Fruit Snacks.  The fruit snacks are perfect for keeping your little ones busy along the ride, or better yet your significant other! (More Info Below)
    2. Water
    3. Fruit- Apples, Oranges, Banana
    4. Nuts- Peanuts (Honey Roasted are my FAV), Almonds
    5. Energy Bars

    Car Essentials: 

    1. License and Registration
    2. Car Manual
    3. Spare money (This is great for unexpected Toll Roads or “Cash Only” Stops)
    4. Car Charger for Cellphone
    5. First Aid Kit
    6. Flashlight
    7. Blanket
    8. Towel
    9. Umbrella
    10. Tissues
    11. Hand Sanitizer
    12. Advil
    13. Plastic Bags for Trash
    14. Tire Gauge
    15. Spare Tire

    All Things Girl:

    1. Chapstick
    2. Sunglasses
    3. Lipstick
    4. Hair Brush
    5. Hair Ties
    6. Comfy Shoes
    7. Headphones
    8. Laptop/Ipad
    9. Nail File
    10. Sunscreen

    More about Yum Earth:

    Yum Earth offers a variety of Organic Candy for all Sweet Tooth’s by keeping their Ingredients short and Sweet. What makes their Candies so amazing is that they are mindful of food allergies and are free of gluten, peanuts and dairy.

    See Product Facts: HERE

    Their product line has something for everyone, Gummy Bears, Lollipops, Licorice, Fruit Snacks, Sours, Hard Candy, Vitamin C and so much more.  Since Halloween is right around the corner, they even have a seasonal Halloween Organic Candy line.

    Thank you to Yum Earth for sponsoring this post!