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Girls Night Out with Sweet Pete’s and Candy Apple Cafe

If you are looking for the perfect GNO (Girls Night Out) you’ve just found it.  Sweet Pete’s and the Candy Apple Cafe are the perfect combination for an epic night out with the girls.

What is Sweet Pete’s?

In one sentence: The Sweetest Destination on Earth

  • Candy Factory
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Dessert Bar
  • Retail Shop
  • Perfect Place to Host a Party
  • Candy Making Classes
  • & so much more

What is Candy Apple Cafe?

  • Restaurant Located inside Sweet Pete’s
  • Full Bar
  • Known for their AMAZING Candy Cocktails
  • Appetizers
  • Light Dinner Entrees
  • (P.S. they serve BRUNCH)

So, let’s get to my GNO with my two of my best friends Peyton and Cierra!

After a long work week, we all met at the the Candy Apple Cafe 6pm sharp to unwind with a delicious Candy Cocktail.  Let me warn you, it was so hard to choose which one I wanted to get.  Their Cocktail Menu is amazing, I resulted to asking our server what the sweetest Cocktail was… final decision: Sweet Pete’s Watermelon Sour.  Cierra (left) got the Golden Ticket and Peyton (right) got the Blackberry Basil Mule.

What I love about the cocktails is that they are not all overkill Sweet… it gives you and your girls the perfect variety to satisfy your individual drink style.

What makes the Candy Apple Cafe a destination for a GNO is obvious when you walk through the doors.  The decor is eclectic, fun and Instagram-worthy. Cozy up in a corner booth, take a seat at the bar or socialize in a center table.  We spent an hour in the cafe before our Candy and Cocktail class, and it flew by.  Catching up over CANDY cocktails, is hands down the best way to start your weekend.

Take a look at the adorable interior:

Next up, we made our way to the Candy and Cocktails Class.

Sign up for a class: HERE

This Class is hosted by both Sweet Pete’s and the Candy Apple Cafe, you will learn how to make candy as well as a cocktail.  The class that we took part in was learning to make an Old Fashioned Bourbon and Twisted Lollipops.  The class was incredible, interactive and now we can make this cocktail at home for our friends and family.  During the class, you receive a drink ticket for your choice of Wine or Beer as well as “Little Nibbles”. (Cheese, Fruits, Crackers, Flatbreads, Dips..etc)

The Candy Making Experience:

I have never in my life made any type of candy, all three of us were blown away at how fast, few ingredients and simple technique it took to make a lollipop. (Like the ones you see at Disney World).

Fun Facts we learned durning the Candy Making:

  • All Candies are made with the same Ingredients but the temperature you cook them at is what makes the different types.
  • The Lollipops that we made are cooked to 310 degrees and then harden after 60 seconds from the air.
  • Sweet Pete’s uses natural stone during this process.
  • What makes Sweet Pete’s the best place to make and purchase candy… it is all made by hand.  Most companies use machinery to produce different candies, Sweet Pete’s is unique and they are all about the candy making experience.
  • To get that “Swirl” effect you see in the candies (red and white) we learned that you have one square block of the white and cut long rectangular strips and place it on top of the white.  The light and stone allow the sugary goodness to melt into each other, and by twisting this together, there you have the swirl.

Take a look it the visuals:

Everyone in the class got to go up and make two lollipops to take home.  You will have to take a class yourself to fully experience the candy making process, we already want to go back!

The Cocktail Making Experience:

This was the fun part, we started with a glass that had a few ice cubes in it.  Then we took the jigger and measured out the Bourbon, added the shot of whiskey, had the option of two different flavored bitters (orange and berry) and lastly added in a small piece of the candy we made!

Tip: The longer you let the candy sit in the glass, the sweeter your drink will be.

A big thank you to the best Candy Maker, we had to get a picture with him afterwards.  One thing I will compliment, is that the staff genuinely loves their jobs which makes your night out Amazing, it is like one big party.

Dessert Bar Time!!

As if we weren’t in a sugar coma yet.. off we went to the DESSERT BAR.

I had a Birthday Cake Milkshake with EXTRA sprinkles on top, Cierra had a Dipped Key Lime Pie Bar, and Peyton had a Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cone.

Something special about the Key Lime Pies, and Dipped Pie Bars, they are from a sister company ~Key West Key Lime Pie Company

Last but not least, we had to take some of these sweets home with us. So we headed over to the Candy Shop and filled up our CYO (create your own) candy boxes.

Just like this perfect take home box, our Girls Night out was PERFECT. We got to catch up, learn how to make candy, cocktails, laugh and just have fun.  Sweet Pete’s and the Candy Apple Cafe give you the perfect excuse to hang out with your girls, dress up, and have fun.

Plan your next night out, class, or sweet treat.

More photos from the store on the first floor (you will thank me later!)


Sweet Pete’s Website

Follow Sweet Pete on Instagram: HERE

Candy Apple Cafe Website 

Follow Candy Apple Cafe on Instagram: HERE

Key West Key Lime Pie Company Website

Follow Key West Key Lime Pie Company on Instagram: HERE


A big THANK YOU to Sweet Pete’s and Candy Apple Cafe for having us! A GNO we will never forget.





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