Spilling the Tea on my NBR Extensions

Hey guys! SO without further ado, I am going to spill the tea on my NBR Extensions and answer some of your most asked questions. Grab your favorite drink, get comfy and let’s jump right in!

Ready Set, Rapid Fire Q & A…

Q: What are NBR Extensions?

A: NBR stands for Natural Beaded Row Extensions.

Q: What is the Maintenance/upkeep like?

A: My personal experience with the Maintenance Appointments are every 8 weeks.  I get my NBR Extensions moved up. They grow out flat with your natural hair and my sweet spot is 8 weeks, move up, gloss treatment and I trust Maeghen to color/ highlight my my locks! I love everything she does, lightened a little in the summer and then went back more of my natural dark brown for winter.  She is the best, and I always leave the salon with shiny healthy hair!

Q: Where do you get your NBR Extensions done at?

A: I go to Vera Salon, Specifically I have my hair done by Maeghen, her and her team are so talented, and truly take such pride in each clients hair.


Q: How long are your extensions?

A: I have 22″ Extensions

Q: Why is NBR better than clip ins?

A: I am SO glad someone asked this, because I had worn clip ins for YEARS throughout High school and College. I have worn everything from Clips Ins I purchased at Sally Beauty to Barefoot Blonde Clip In’s by Amber Fillerup Clark.  Although Clip ins may seem like a more “budget friendly” way to get that full head of hair you are searching for.  I actually found myself in a constant pit of frustration and unhappiness with how they looked in my hair. First of all, you have to clip and unclip them EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU WEAR THEM. (The struggle is real). Second, they DO NOT lay flat with your hair like NBR.  Clip ins show the clips if you to take your hair from wearing it down to flipping it up in a pony tail, where as NBR you can have your hair down and then whip your hair up in an updo without a sign that you have fake locks. Clip in extensions are SO thin compared to NBR, it is truly day and night. The clip ins do not feel like real hair after a few weeks and are very easily damaged. NBR is so natural looking, feeling and with the right products truly sticks through the styling tools with ease. Clip in extensions rarely match the true shade of your color of hair, where as NBR is a perfect blend to your natural hair, when done professionally by hair artist and salons that specialize in the field.

Q: I am interested in NBR but do not need super long hair, prefer shorter styles,  is it worth it?

A: NBR Extensions are great if you want to add length to your hair, OR VOLUME. So many clients of Vera Salon have shorter hair and get one row simply just for volume. Short or long, NBR is SO worth it.  I cannot express the confidence, and overall appearance boost it gives you.  I feel like my hair has a mind of its own, having NBR has truly made me LOVE my hair every single day! Keep in mind, your stylist can cut and blend the NBR Extensions to specifically meet YOUR needs.

Q: How long have you worn NBR Extensions?

A: I have worn them for exactly one year! Never going back!

Q: Does you hair grow differently now that you wear NBR Extensions?

A: My hair grows faster and healthier now that I wear NBR Extensions, especially compared to when I would wear clip ins.  There are minimal points of contact on your head, and you are not constantly pulling your hair out like you do with clip ins.

Vera Salon

I am so fortunate to be a client of Vera Salon, located in Lake City Florida. It is a perfect location for you girls in the Jacksonville Area and surrounding cities. Vera Salon has a talented team on NBR Hair Artist who take education, service and hair VERY seriously. I have so much trust in my hair dresser, Maeghen, she is my “hair fairy” as I like to call her.  She is a perfectionist, and is beyond talented when it comes to hair extensions.  I have completely dedicated myself the the NBR Process, and consider myself a forever client.  The confidence that Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions give me is night and day, they look so natural and never show, unlike clip ins.

The Process, what you need to know:

The Process of NBR Extensions is unlike any other. No matter how long, short, thick or thin you hair is- NBR can be modified for your individual hair goals and needs.  The Hair Extensions are applied by hand, with minimal points of contact on your scalp, making it perfect for hair health and preventing damage unlike other methods. The wefts are hand tied in rows that lay flat on your scalp creating that “Mermaid” hair naturally.  Your hair artist with color, and style your hair to blend perfectly with your natural textures and colors to give you the hair of your dreams.





My Current Hair Care Routine With NBR Extensions



I use my WetBrush to Brush my locks out daily, I believe that this brush protects my hair, and does not pull my hair out as I brush it.  It is important to brush your extensions out daily from the root. This brush is perfect to use on your wet hair, fresh out of the shower!

I have two different sizes, but both work for my hair!

I also apply Oil to the bottom of my hair daily

Hot Tools

I use this curler (I love all three options depending on the curl I am going for) as well as this hair dryer!


I use the following Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Out Cream Every Week when I wash my hair!


Interested in NBR? Have questions? Want to set up a consultation with an expert?

APPLY HERE to begin your hair journey!

Mention my name at your next appointment with Vera Salon, they have graciously extended a discount to you for 10% off all services. “KAYLA10”!
Huge thank you to Vera Salon, specifically Maeghen, for being the answers to my hair dreams for over a year!

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