Sea World Orlando

Sea World Orlando… an ideal Sunday Funday.

Let me take you on a full tour of my amazing adventure.  The very first thing that you need to do before you get to the park is download the App. (Get App Here)  The App has a map of the park, so no need to fold up the paper version and stuff it in your pocket every 5 seconds.  You can easily see the park at any given time.  The App is important to download before you get to the park because you can open it up when you park, and save your parking spot. When you leave the park at the end of the day, you open the app and it takes you right back to your car. (How amazing is that?)  The App also lists all the show times, allows you to upgrade your tickets and so much more.

The very first thing that I had to do when I got into the park was see dolphins. Yes, before any rides or shows we went to the Dolphin Nursery! The dolphins had toys of all sorts, there were 4 of them playing around in the water and one of them was obsessed with a blow up beach ball. The dolphin would come up the the glass wall and try to push the ball over the other side to us. (How adorable!)  Below are two videos of the dolphin.


​The very next thing we did was ride Mako and Manta, two out of the three roller coasters at the park.  My personal favorite out of the two was Manta, because you start out seated like normal coaster and then they drop you into “flying position”.  The entire duration of the ride you are embracing the Manta Ray Species, reach speeds up to 56 miles per hour which seems a lot faster when you are laying down facing the ground the entire time. It is thrilling and I highly recommend riding more than once.

The One Ocean Show at 12:15 was a blast.  I would go on and on, but let me show you the amazing photos.

After that, we made our way over to Pacific Point Preserve where we watched Sea Lions for literally 15 minutes.  They were all talking to each other, playing around or clinging to their mother. (I have a weakness for baby animals of any kind)  Here are some pictures of the fun:

Hands down the place you have to eat in the park is Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar.  It has healthy options, amazing food and the best part.. you eat beside SHARKS.  Yes, you are get to enjoy your dinner or lunch with a one in a million view.  There are sharks and fish of all sorts withing 10 feet of your table.  It is a perfect place to bring the kids, they are entertained throughout the meal and you are too!

See Menu Here

Here are some videos from my Instagram Story of the view we had at lunch.

Dolphins are so smart.  We made our way to the Dolphin Days Show at 3:00 pm, and it was incredible to see all the talent in the trainers as well as the dolphins.  The passion radiated from the trainers into the show, and brought it all to life.  The dolphins flipped, squealed, and even balanced their trainer on the tip of their nose.  Take a look at the show:

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is exactly where you want to go after being in the heat all day.  It is literally freezing (in the best way possible) for the adorable penguins.  There is a ride and an exhibit, an absolute must.  The penguins have such funny personalities and actually do dance, and slip around just like Happy Feet the Movie.

We wanted to finish the day off with riding Kraken. We went to Spot Saver and received a pass to ride at 5:15.  If you have not experienced this roller coaster, I would suggest that you go to Spot Saver when you arrive at the park and nail down a time to wait 20 min or less for the ride.  The average wait time while we were there (A Sunday) was 180 minutes.   Plan wisely, it is so worth it.  This coaster has a Virtual Reality Experience like no other.  This floorless ride, will take you virtually through underwater canyons where you will see many different creatures.  I can’t get too specific, you need to go see for yourself!

Below are some things that I may not have touched on, but are worth mentioning and doing while you are there:

Electric Ocean Light Festival and Nighttime Events Click here 

Hotel Packages Click Here 

Park Hours Click Here 


  • Download the Sea World App
  • Expect to pay a Minimum of $20 for parking if you are not a pass Holder
  • You can bring water into the park, and refill at the water fountains and coke machines for free.
  • Bring Sunscreen
  • Plan out your show times, if you want to be splashed make sure you are seated in the first few rows.  (Aka the Splash Zone)
  • Go to for Kraken Roller Coaster.  This ensures a time that you can come back to the ride, and wait 20 minutes or less. (Do this as soon as you get to the park for the day)
  • Wear comfortable shoes, or you will get blisters.
  • If you want to dine at the Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar, make sure you have a reservation. (Lifesaver!!)
  • All day lockers are available in the park, however there are lockers at each coaster for $1 for an hour and $2 for each additional hour.

Sea World Orlando Website

Sea World Orlando Tickets

A big Thank You to Sea World Orlando for having us! It was nothing short of amazing and I will be back soon.











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