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Happiest of Monday’s to you!

Some days are easier to get out of bed than others, and some days it is much easier to hit “snooze” until you stumble out of bed in a hurry (Guilty: This morning I snoozed through my alarm, and skipped the gym). It has truly been a Monday, but in efforts to accept that every day is not “perfect” I choose to think optimistically in regards to the gym and my schedule.  I will give 110% tomorrow, but today I needed a break.

Sometimes when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this busy life, we forget to enjoy our weekends, our day off or if you’re lucky ~ a vacation every now and then.  I have been living life to the fullest on my weekends (aka my only days off, aka my “vacations’ lol) wearing palm prints just seems to make me feel like I am truly on Vacay. It is only February, but if you are in Florida like me it is already 80 degrees out and nothing short of amazing. (I secretly wish every day was 85 degrees year round)

I just ordered this cute dress two weeks ago, and have already worn it three times. Obsessed? Possibly.

I am linking my outfit and the most adorable Palm Printed Items I found them all on Romwe!  I am wearing a size Small (Im 5’8) for reference, but I can also wear a medium. This was a part of my first purchase from Romwe, and if you are hesitant to purchase online from this site, don’t be.  The clothes are SO cute and the deals are unbeatable. (Patience is a virtue, the shipping may take a while but it is so worth the wait!)


More Palm Prints From Romwe


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