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Overnight Oats

I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday Evening! I definitely jumped on the Over-Night Oats Bandwagon tonight and decided to go for it. 

Personally I have never tried over-night Oats, and despite the numerous Instaworthy photos of delicious Oats on the Internet, I haven’t thought to give it a try… until today! 

So let’s get started! 

I gathered two mason jars (for my Instagram picture of course) and the following Ingredients: 

1. Raw Rolled Oats 

2. Almond Milk 

3. Greek Yogurt 

4. Chia Seeds 

5. Fresh Strawberries 

6. Mini Chocolate Chips 

Leave over night and enjoy in the A.M.  

If anyone decides to give this a try tag me on my Instagram 

Have a wonderful week!