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Look Good~Feel Good x Ellie Activewear

When you look good, you feel good! It is finally May 1st (this year has really flown by hasn’t it?) It is time to make those summer resolutions and start working hard on your fitness goals. It’s so much easier, when you love your workout attire, to love your workout.

Lately I have been absolutely loving the Ellie Activewear line for my summer body workout regimen. From gym floors to pavement, I can lunge, sweat and stretch my way through my fitness routine.

I love the detailing in the pants, they even have POCKETS! Which is always super amazing to hold your phone while using your hands to workout. I am a huge fan of pockets and can’t rave enough about how comfortable these are!

Last but not least, a good sports bra is hard to come by, and Ellie Activewear has mastered the cute and reliable sports bra! I love the way they fit, they have padding and are just a total confidence booster. Safe to say, I will be caught wearing my Ellie Activewear on repeat!

Ellie Activewear launches 3 new sets each month, with free shipping and no commitment.

Be sure to check them out, I am so excited I will Be receiving my May Box tomorrow ☺️

Wishing everyone a wonderful May!

Xoxo Kayla

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