How to Party in Style this New Years Eve

New Years Eve is that one night a year, you can cover yourself head to toe in sparkles, literally. (Well… besides your birthday right?) It can be hard to find a the perfect one of a kind look and remain budget friendly. So here are my top picks for NYE 2017, click on your perfect look and shop away! 2018 is right around the corner…

For the “Party Girl”

Dresses from Forever 21

Dresses from Red Dress

For the “Simple” Girl

Dresses from Red Dress

For the “Shoe Statement” Girl

Party Shoes from Nordstrom Rack

For the “Classy Clutch” Girl

For the “Lip Statement” -Seriously Obsessing over these gorgeous colors!

For the “Highlight the Night” Girl

I hope you find that perfect look, dramatize your makeup, wear those daring heels, and party because we are stepping into 2018!