Finding our Dream Wedding Bands

Getting married is a big deal, and finding a wedding band that fits your style is not an easy task. Let’s recap a little and get you up to speed- Joseph and I got engaged on Jacksonville Beach on July 23, 2016 so we have been engaged a whole two years! (Still can’t believe it) We have had a long engagement due to the fact that we wanted to graduate with our degrees prior to being married. We both graduate August 3, 2018, mission accomplished. Our wedding date is February 23, 2019 in St. Augustine FL.

Now that you are up to speed, we have been browsing wedding bands here and there with little to no luck.  This past weekend we ended up strolling in to Diamonds Direct located in the St. Johns Town Center to take a look at their selection. I have a Vintage styled Neil Lane Ring, and I have constantly struggled finding a matching band that compliments my unique styled ring.  The two things I consider when looking for a band are how wide the band is and how much sparkle does it have. Living in Jacksonville our entire lives, Joseph and I are always shopping and grabbing dinner in the St. John’s Town Center. It was sort of a no-brainer to look for our wedding bands at Diamonds Direct, especially when I found out they have the largest selections of Diamonds in Florida.  If you are indecisive like me, it is important to feel like you have seen everything that is out there before making your decision.

img_1146Joseph and I are always on the go, stressing out with school, work, buying our new home, getting settled, planning a wedding, volunteering and so on. Walking into Diamonds Direct, we felt relaxed knowing that we were going to do something for US was the highlight of our weekend.  As we walked in, we were instantly greeted by friendly sales staff who offered to get us a drink. Not just any drink ladies, they have WINE- that’s right, you can enjoy water, soda, beer, wine or champagne while you try on diamonds. So with sparkling sweet wine in our hands (yes, we are both fruity drinkers) we started looking through the stunning showroom that is literally wall to wall diamonds and fine jewelry.


Ladies first, so I went straight for the sparkles.  I would not say I am a very “picky” person when it comes to jewelry, I just prefer sparkles.  The cases were extremely clean and every single ring seemed to shine, which made trying on bands very fun.  As I explained my desire for my wedding band to match my ring, I felt like I was truly being listened to.  I was surprised to find out that Diamonds Direct offers Custom Design Services, and can create the ring you envisioned for your big day!  What a relief to know that I was not limited to the designs that I saw in the case. Of course, as I started trying the bands on my finger, I instantly felt the surreal “I am getting married” feeling all over again. It sounds so silly, but when you find the ring that fits you it feels right.  Just like when you find the person that you intend on spending the rest of your life with. 

317a1c10-3b69-47a2-b2ad-587f4fb410f2I tried on so many different styled bands, from thin to wide, from colored to white gold, from curved to straight it was such an experience learning about the different styles.  I ended up finding a band that had the same design as my engagement ring and it was love at first sight.  Here is what I chose:


I literally fell head over heals for this band, and I can’t wait until February when I will finally get to wear it every single day. I also had fun testing my boundaries and trying on styles I normally would not go for, by trying on such a wide range of diamonds I was able to make the most educated decision about my wedding band.  No wonder I have heard that Diamond Direct is the go-to source for diamonds, they truly have a style for everyone. Here are some gorgeous pieces that I enjoyed trying on:


facetune_01-08-2018-08-31-04Next up, Joseph’s Wedding Band.  He had it in his mind that he wanted something SPARKLY, just kidding he wanted a Tungsten ring. He tends to go towards Black or Grey rings instead of a white gold or gold styled ring.  He had so much fun looking at wedding bands, and learned about the different materials used to make the bands.  He felt educated and confident that he was choosing a quality band. Although not as glamorous as mine, he enjoyed having the attention on him for a try on session. 



The ring featured above ended up being the one Joseph chose!  He loved the color and it matches his watches and most outfits.  He chose it because it is Tungsten like he wanted and very practical.  Now that we both had fallen for the one, we wanted to make sure the rings had a warranty of some kind.  We were so pleased to find out that there is a Lifetime service and maintenance on the rings, free stone replacements (very important ladies) and they do not require that you come in for check ins on a monthly/yearly basis.  However, you will want to stop in every once in a while, get your bling cleaned and enjoy a drink on the house. Diamonds Direct truly makes you feel at home and the environment is so welcoming, I will find myself stopping in for a cleaning every time I am at the Town Center. 

Overall, the staff went above and beyond to just be there the entire shopping experience, which made it fun and easy.  That is why I will be a Diamonds Direct girl for life! I know that I will want to upgrade my ring eventually (maybe 10 year anniversary, wink, wink) and Joseph appreciated their 110% lifetime upgrade.  Just another reason your man will thank you for bringing him to Diamonds Direct.

These two bands are so special to us, and such a memorable moment leading up to our big day.  I can’t wait to place Josephs ring on his finger and finally be Mrs. Campbell!


If you are looking for a Wedding Band, Engagement Ring, or ANY kind of Jewelry be sure to come to the Diamonds Direct this Friday through Sunday and attend the Destination Diamonds Event. You will thank me later, trust me.  This is a rare trunk show, where you will be able to meet the designers and enjoy the gorgeous showroom like Joseph and I did this past weekend.  Sales will include 20-30% off, free wedding band with engagement ring purchase, financing specials and even a chance to win a trip to Mexico (Say what!?) I will be attending this Saturday, and hope to see you there!


Thank you Diamonds Direct for Sponsoring this post!

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