Engagement Photoshoot & the Journey to the Wedding










Engagement Sessions are so fun, you get to stare at your best friend for about an hour and being in St. Augustine was like having the paparazzi follow you around.  Besides the tourists yelling compliments at us and feeling like we were celebrities, it was such a dreamy shoot.

We decided to do our Engagement Session in St. Augustine FL, because we have SO many memories, and dates in the downtown area.

PS. our Wedding will also be held here… so it just makes sense.  The historic buildings gave such a sweet loving vibe and I think we crushed it… what do you say?


























So where are we in the planning process?

Well you are looking at it, the planning has just begun. We chose our date (in February 2019) so we have a little over a year to plan our perfect day. Although we have a long time, that does not make the decisions easier.

Things that I am looking forward to:

  1. Picking out my dress
  2. Floral arrangements
  3. The photos and videography.. duh
  4. Cake testing… because that should be a professional hobby!
  5. Taking time to let everything Fall into place.

Something so funny is that I really do not care about the food, but that is what makes this bond SO perfect.  Joseph is a great cook and loves food, so it is a given he will pick out the complete menu (with my final approval of course).  Us girls have to let the guy be in charge of something right?  Honestly though, we are SO excited to start this wonderful journey together and appreciate prayers as well as advice along the way.


Cheers to Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Campbell

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