Current Favorite Full Body Toning Workouts and Pre-workout Details!

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had an amazing Monday, and is off to an amazing week.  Today I am going to share a few of my favorite toning workouts.  I have been focusing on toning my body (Arms, legs and abs) specifically and wanted to share what works best for me.  I wake up at 4:30 am (most week days) and hit the gym before starting my work day.  I need my workouts to be as effective as possible, and I hope this helps you!


Let’s start with arms. I workout my arms twice a week and tone them on my full body toning day.  Specifically for toning, I personally find that lower weight and higher reps works wonders for definition in my arms. I am not trying to lose any weight off my arms, just tone the muscle I currently have.

Toning for Arms Workout #1: Arm Circles with 3-5 pound dumbbells. While placing your feet shoulder width apart, extend your arms out to shoulder height. Make sure that you keep your shoulders down, move your arms in a circle backwards (repeat 20 time as one set.) Then switch directions and move arms in a circle forwards (repeat 20 times as one set.)  I will do 10 sets of this (forward and backward).

Toning for Arms Workout #2: Bent over Dumbbell Rows.  I typically use 10 pound weights for this workout, and do 4 reps of 20. Tips for this workout would be making sure you control the weights as you bring them back down to the hanging position, be careful not to let your chest collapse in.

Toning for Arms Workout #3:  Chest Fly Handoff: I make sure to use a lighter weight for this one, preferably 5 pounds.  You will need to lie on your back, bending your knees, arms raised above your chest, holding the dumbbell in one hand.  Keeping your elbows slightly bent, you want to make sure your arms are open to the sides (like hugging a big tree).  Raise your arms back to center, and hand the dumbbell off to the other hand.  Each pass will count as 1 rep (I do 30 reps 6 sets).


Toning for Legs Workout #1: Lunges (no weight) Lunges are the best right?  I love leg toning, so feel free to change the reps to fit your workout.  I will do 50 lunges and 8 sets, you will thank me later.  This not only tones your legs, but your butt.

Toning for Legs Workout #2: Squats (10 pounds), I know it does not sound like much but you are toning, this is not leg day.  I will do 20 squats and 8 sets of this as well.

Toning for Legs Workout #3: Stair Climber.  I like to use the stair climber to get my cardio and tone up my thighs!  I usually do the Stair Climber for 15-20 mins on toning days, to get my heart rate up and tone those legs!

Jump Rope, now that my heart rate is up I will proceed to do 500 jump ropes. (Is that how you say it? Let’s go with that… “jump ropes”)

Then as a cool down I will plank (1 plank for 30 seconds, repeat 6 times)

That is my current toning routine, let me know if you try any of these, or share your own toning workouts with me!

So, just recently I started to use a pre-workout supplement from WM Nutrition I prefer to mix it in a few ounces of water in my blender bottle 15 minutes before I start my workout. I have noticed my increased energy levels (Working out at 5:30 am can make you a little tired).  I would say that I use this on mornings that I need the extra boost to have a good workouts, which is usually just Monday- Friday.

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