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    Gift Guide: For The Coffee Lover!

    Shopping for a coffee Lover this Christmas?  Just click and shop- it’s that easy!


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    The Best Shopping Advice I have ever received

    Happy Wednesday Everyone!

    I wanted to share my hands down #1 best shopping advice that I have ever received. There is always that one thing that catches your eye while you’re shopping in a store. Whether it’s an article of clothing, a piece of home decor, or just something that you think you have to have. The best shopping advice that I have ever received is that if you do not love it in the store you will never wear it or use it. In the past I have often tried to buy things because they were on sale, a good deal or simply didn’t want to miss out. Those things either sat in my closet or were never used and I wish I had taken my own advice.

    I usually apply this to clothing, especially when I am feeling too lazy to try something on. It is so easy to just give it a shot, only to get home and find out you grabbed the wrong size, it’s too short, or just not your style. If you are 50/50 about it to begin with, you most likely won’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for trying new trends, patterns and styles. However, you need to LOVE IT. When you look at the dress in the mirror and think “hmmm.. maybe it will work” you will probably bring it home and never wear it out.

    Using the rule that if you don’t love it in the store you won’t love it later is a time saver, money saver and headache saver.

    Ps. Thanks Nana for this shopping tip! She taught me everything I know about shopping til ya drop ❤️😘