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    The Melting Pot Experience: Jacksonville FL

    This past Sunday Evening, my Fiance and I had the most amazing experience at the Melting Pot in Jacksonville FL.

    To start things off, let me give The Melting Pot a proper Introduction for those of you who have not experienced the Interactive Dining Night Out.

    The Melting Pot is a Fondue Restaurant, that serves a variety of customers with choices on cooking styles: Meats, Seafood, Salads, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Chocolates, drinks and so much more. (details to come) The Melting Pot is Perfect for the following:

    • A Casual dinner with Family
    • A Proposal (read about “Lovers Lane” Below)
    • A Business Meeting to entertain clients
    • A Birthday Party
    • A Date Night
    • An Anniversary
    • Or Just because you LOVE the Melting Pot

    You do not have to have a 4-course meal every time. (Although it is so amazing) Running short on time? Visit during Weekday Happy Hours and enjoy half off cheese and Chocolates with a refreshing drink. ( Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm at the Jacksonville Fl Location)

    My Experience:

    Something worth noting as you arrive to the restaurant, is to make a reservation.  Making your reservation is important because it allows the staff to better serve you.  It was just myself and my Fiance, so we had a reservation in “Lovers Lane” as they would call it.  This is very special, because your seating is very intimate and you are sectioned off as if you have a private room. (VIP status right?)  Lovers Lane is perfect for Celebrating an Anniversary and even a proposal!  When you make the reservation be specific on what you are celebrating, they will make it their mission for you to have a PERFECT night. (Like showering your soon to be Fiance with Roses on the table prior to you dropping on one knee).

    So we sat down in Lovers Lane, a table for two with one burner and started to take a look at the Menu.  We chose to do the 4-Course Experience: Both Choosing “The Classic” which consists of the following meat selection:

    • Certified Angus Beef® sirloin
    • Memphis-style dry rub pork
    • Pacific white shrimp
    • Herb-crusted chicken breast
    • Teriyaki-marinated sirloin

    The Four Course Experience means that you get a Cheese Fondue, a Salad, an Entree (Listed above) and a Chocolate Fondue. (Yum!)

    A Special Menu Item to Jacksonville is the “Jacksonville’s Big Night Out” which entails:

    • Cold water lobster
    • Teriyaki-marinated sirloin
    • Memphis-style dry rub pork
    • Cranberry habanero chicken
    • Honey cinnamon pork
    • Wild Mushroom sacchetti

    For Drinks, we started with waters and lemon, until I came across the Sunshine Sangria (I was sold) so Joseph ordered a Cider. Not only was my Sangria amazing, it was too cute to pass up on a picture.  #SangriaSelfie

    Cheese Fondue: We went with the Bourbon Bacon Chedder (Featured Cheeses: Aged cheddar, Emmenthaler Melted with: Lager beer, bacon, dry mustard, garlic, Worcestershire, bourbon). It was nothing short of amazing, the tiny pieces of bacon are so flavorful and who doesn’t love bacon? It was definitely a struggle, for all the cheese lovers out there some other options are: Wisconsin Cheddar, Classic Alpine, Bacon and Brie, Fiesta… and so much more.  For anyone with Food Allegeries or dietary restrictions, the Melting Pot will melt down your own cheese! (How awesome is that?)

    With the cheese Fondue, you get a variety of dipping options.  Bread, Green Apples (My FAV), Broccoli, and Carrots.  Don’t be shy! If there is something in particular that you like to dip (Any Bread Lovers out there?) just be sure to tell your server.  They will bring you more, or even replace the options you don’t want with the items you love.

    Salad Time: I love salad, and it was so hard for me to resist my ususal go-to… a Caesar Salad. I was sold on the Melting Pot House Salad, with the Sweet and Tangy house made dressing! (I wanted to bottle this up and take it home with me. SO GOOD). Joseph got a Caesar Salad, with Pine Nuts on top! For anyone who just loves KALE they have a Kale Caesar Salad too.

    Cooking Style:  Next we chose our cooking style for the meats.  Seasoned Court Bouillon was the winner, it is a light seasoned vegetable broth. It was so easy cooking our own meats at the table.  There are a few ways to go about it.  The table is set with the meats (or Seafood etc.) that you chose off the original Menu, along with some vegtables.  it is recommended that you cook the vegetables in the pot for 2 minutes and the meat for 3 minutes. 3 min being well-done.  The pieces of meat are small, and you cannot “burn” them, so feel free to leave them in there a while longer.  There is a “Search and Rescue Spoon” that is given to you, just in case you lose that piece of food in the cooker.  Some People (Mostly Men) who love to eat instantly and not wait around, will dump all of there food in at once. Then using the search and rescue spoon, retrieve everything and devour it.  I made Joseph eat slowly and enjoy the experience, although I am sure he would have opted for the “dump everything in” method.

    Attention Sauce Lovers: There is a multitude of sauces served with your course, from tangy to sweet, you can mix it up or try one of every kind.. like me!

    As you can see we thoroughly enjoyed the cooking experience.  The slow-pace dinner gives us time to really unwind, enjoy the food and just enjoy being in each other’s company.


    Chocolate Fondue: The best part of the four course meal was hands down the chocolate fondue. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to sweets.  Out of all the delicious choices of chocolate, we agreed on the SMORE’S Fondue (YES, they really have that).  The chocolate Fondue is served with fresh strawberries, blondies, bananas, pineapple, marshmallow treats, pound cake and brownies. (*Gluten-free dipper plate available upon request.) With everyone having different food preferences, The Melting Pot will accommodate vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free etc.  You can bring your own Vegan Chocolate and they can make the Fondue for you!

    That’s a wrap on my experience dining at the Melting Pot. (I am already thinking about going back this week to try another course selection) The quality food, delightful service and experience is what makes it all worth it.

    Before I get to my GIVEAWAY details…

    The Melting Pot is a unique dining experience. Something that sets them above the rest is there options on table settings. They have a intimate table for two with the single burner (like my experience) They offer a table that two burners, or three burners etc. and as if you couldn’t have a bigger party they have rooms that comfortably open up to seat 48!

    The Captains Room:

     This room is like no other, and the perfect setting for a large family, a business meeting, or to celebrate with friends.  The walls are filled with wine of all sorts, and you are sure to feel special.

    There are rooms within the restaurant with walls that can be removed for larger parties as well.

    At the Jacksonville Location, we happened upon the plaques on the wall that recognize their individual employees and give recognition for outstanding work performance.  I think it is clear that The Melting Pot cares just as much for its Employees as they do their Customers.

    The Bar Area:

    Don’t forget, the Chocolate and Cheese Fondue is 1/2 off during Happy Hour!


    GIVEAWAY (Runs from 8/24-8/27)

    The Melting Pot has been gracious enough to give away 3 GIFTCARDS ($45) to my readers.  In order for you to enter you must go to my Instagram: HERE

    Follow the Instructions and GOODLUCK!

    Winners will be announced Here:  Allison, Kristina and Niki! Congratulations! 

    The Melting Pot Jacksonville FL Full Menu: HERE

    Follow The Melting Pot- Jacksonville FL Location: HERE

    Follow The Melting Pot on Instagram: HERE

    Reserve your table at the Jacksonville FL Location : HERE


    A big THANK YOU to the Melting Pot for Sponsoring this Post



  • Sunday Funday

    Sunday Funday: St. Augustine Edition

    Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

    Sunday Funday was in St Augustine Florida this week and it was such an adventure. During the day we went to the Alligator Farm where we looked at countless exhibits of Alligators and Crocodiles. The park is beautifully laid out, plenty of shade, benches and even air conditioned buildings with animals, artifacts and so much more. At 12 pm we watched the alligator feeding, and to our surprise we learned how little alligators can actually eat in a year (90lbs of food) and survive. The staff is amazingly friendly, after a walking the exhibits we sat down for a show and learned about a few other reptiles they have at the park. Although it is a great place to take kids (if you have them), adults will enjoy it as well. From beautiful birds, to an albino alligator, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm was an adventure. 

    Below is a link to get your tickets. 

    Buy Tickets Here 

    My favorite photos from the trip: 

    Did someone say “Dessert comes First“? 

    My #1 rule is that a good dessert always comes before dinner. 

    Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar…. is the best place in St. Augustine  to dive into desserts. Yes, I said desserts because you cannot stop yourself with just one item from their Menu! They are located right off St. George Street (tourist shopping heaven) and I highly recommend you grab a stool and enjoy the creations from Cousteaus. 

    P.S. The entire menu is Instagram-worthy.. follow Cousteau’s on Instagram. 

    The proof is in my pictures: 

    Follow me on Instagram

    ​This post was made in collaboration with the Alligator Farm and Cousteau’s Waffle & Milkshake Bar of St. Augustine Fl.