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    Tips for your Monday-Friday Grind

    Do you ever feel like it is the end of the weekend and you have the upcoming week ahead, filled with so many new goals to eat better, be more productive or overcome a new obstacle?  I sure do.  I often times tell myself Sunday night, that I am going to meal prep, workout each morning, keep up with my responsibilities (like a clean car and room) and then somehow our perfect plan is thrown off track by one event.  When this happens it is so important to know two things, 1) That life will never be “perfect” so we should not expect our plans to always go as we desire and 2)Use the following tips to help you stay on the Monday-Friday Grind.

    So let’s jump right in, to Tip #1:

    Write things down. I cannot emphasize this enough, for years I have been going through life with a full time school and work load just basing my responsibilities on memory or the infamous “I’ll do that (enter tedious task here) in a minute.   Well… that minute will pass, or the phone will ring and that to-do item will suddenly slip through the cracks.  So write things down, not some things, write EVERYTHING down.  It becomes a habit, and will improve your productivity as well as relieve stress.  Nothing feels better than checking something off your list and feeling like you have accomplished something for the day.

    Tip #2

    Be Prepared. This is another good one.  Whatever days works best for you, (for me it is Sunday Evening) I take five minutes and simply plan ahead for my week.  I look at what appointments, classes, workouts, birthday parties, family dinners and so on, that I might have going on for the week and make sure that I am truly planning ahead for what the week has to bring.  I want to make sure that I am giving myself enough time to finish my assignments at work and school, fitting in a little “me” time at the gym, having a little fun with friends and loved ones all while making sure my life has a healthy balance.  Bonus Tip *If you always give yourself more than enough time for everything you have scheduled, when unforeseen events pop up, you can remain as calm/cool as a cucumber, because you got this! 

    Tip #3

    Drink Water. I will be the first person to say I do not enjoy water, and you are not going to see me walking around with a gallon jug all day.  However, when you get up in the morning grab yourself a cup of water and just drink it.  This will form a healthy habit and get you started on the right foot for your day.  Drinking water is great for working out, to keep you hydrated, or maybe you are feeling worn down halfway through your day.  Replacing soda’s or other beverages with a glass of water can truly give your body what it needs and keep you strong throughout the day.  Something that my mom has always told me was “If you are drinking water only when your dying of thirst you are keeping your body in a constant state of dehydration”.  Some things that have helped me add more water into my regimen are 1) Keeping a bottle/glass of water near me at all times and taking sips of it frequently, 2) adding lemon juice to my water to add some flavor, 3) When ordering from a restaurant, always take them up on a water before your meal.

    Tip #4

    Journal, Write in a devotional or take time to reflect.  (Better yet, do all 3) When life is a constant stream of go-go-go it is nice to take time to write down your thoughts, reflect on your day or even dive into a daily devotional.  Whether you have time to do this in the morning, or keep it on your night stand for after your day is done, it is truly refreshing.  Sometimes we need a little spark of positivity to brighten up our day and see our situation in a new light.  Other times, reflecting and journaling can spark new goals or creative ventures in your life.

    Tip #5

    The One Minute Rule, this is something that I actually read in a blog post by the gorgeous Olivia Rink she wrote about how you do not put anything off for “later” that you could do in a minute or less.  This is a really awesome tool to use, because it makes sure those little to-do’s do not start to pile up.  Defeat procrastination by using the one minute rule on a daily basis.

    By using these tips, you will be able to stay on your grind all week long.  Just like so many of you, my life is overbooked, and there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.  Adulting is not always easy!

    Wishing everyone a blessed week.

    Cute Journals and My Favorite Devotionals

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    Warming up and WM Nutrition

    Warming up is something that I have not always done before my workouts. Recently I have incorporated a variety of warmups that I swear by and want to share with you.

    Why is warming up important? Warming up prepares your body for the workout you are about to endure by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation to your muscles. Stretching your muscles before your workout out can also prevent injuries.

    Is there anything more my warmups can do besides preventing injuries? Yes, in fact it increases your overall performance during your workout. A warmup has both physical and mental benefits. Deep breathing, along with muscle contraction allows your body to work more efficiently.

    How long should I warmup? I personally warm up for 10 minutes, but 10-20 is a great range!

    Warming up is great but should I cool down? Yes, I do a 5-8 min cool down whether its inclined treadmill walking or stretching! The goal is to get my heart rate below 120 Post high intensity workout. Cool down is so critical to your overall health after a workout. If you neglect to cool down, you can experience light headedness, fatigue etc. (Been there, done that, not fun!)

    How intense should my warm ups be? Warm ups should not be painful, they are there to support your workout, focus on pain free warm ups by backing off at the first sign of discomfort.

    In addition to warming up and cooling down I have been using protein powder and Pre-Workout from WM Nutrition 🙌🏻

    My favorite flavor is Cookies & cream, I use it for a simple protein shake or pour it into my smoothie for extra protein. (Delish!)

    WM Nutrition was so kind and gave you all 50% off your purchase with my code “kayla50“. Be sure to use it at checkout and give them a try! You’ll thank me later.

    Wishing you all injury free workouts!

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    Wedding Planning Update ft. Faux Suede Dress


    Wow, I can’t believe that I finally hit the one year mark before my big day!  It is officially 361 days until I say “I Do” to my best friend.  So far we have:

    • Picked a date (In Feb 2019)
    • Picked a Venue for Ceremony (St. Augustine FL)
    • Picked a Venue for Reception (St. Augustine FL)
    • Picked our colors (Red, White and Black) Very classy and simple
    • Picked out flowers (Only roses)
    • Picked a DJ

    Next up on the list for the next 30 days is:

    • Cake Testing (This upcoming weekend, so excited)
    • Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Proposals – I am planning something creative, and can’t wait to ask our favorite people to be a part of our big day!
    • Start looking for my dress (oo la la)
    • Pick a Photographer/Videographer
    • Invitation Design
    • Picking a Hashtag (Priorities right?) Ps. My last name will be Campbell

    There are so many reasons that I love that my wedding is February 2019!  We have so much time to take it slow, enjoy the process, the fun, the celebration and plan a beautiful day to say “I DO”.  I truly enjoy sharing my journey to my big day with you guys and will include more pictures and videos of fun things we do along the way.  If there is anything specific that you want to know about my big day, email me (Ms.KaylaLloyd@gmail.com or feel free to DM me on Instagram) I love hearing from you. Advice and suggestions are always welcome!

    I have been loving Faux Suede Trend, I was hesitant to try but I would have to say, 10/10 for “softness” and very figure flattering for all body types!

    Check out my Simple Suede Style

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    10 ways to Shop on a Budget

    Welcome back to the Blog!  Today I am sharing 10 Ways to Shop on a Budget for clothes, groceries, furniture and more.  You can apply the following tips to any form of shopping! (I made it into a cute graphic for you all)

    Let me know which one of these tips works for you!


    Shop My OOTD

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    Planning the Perfect Galentines Day Party!

    It’s that time of year, and Valentines Day is right around the corner.  Whether you are last minute Shopping for a special gift or planning a perfect V-Day outfit, I am here to help you throw a pinterest worthy Galentines Day Party!

    For those of you who are not aware of what “Galentines” Day is… Courtesy of Urban Dictionary: February 13th, the other half of Valentine’s Day, when you celebrate your love for our lady friends! Single or not. 

    First things first, you will need Decorations of all sorts~ “On Galentines Day We Wear Pink” pretty much sums it up, don’t you think?

    All party related items are linked from Amazon so you can plan the perfect party in the perfect amount of time! Just click on what you like throughout this post and add to your cart!


    The Decor



    Plates, Napkins, Cups



    Cupcake Decor


    Now get your Party Pants on and start planning your invite list!  Wishing you and your gals the happiest Galentines!

    If you use anything I recommended be sure to tag me on Instagram!

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    Two Cute Travel Bags With Jon Hart Design

    Happy Monday Everyone!

    I hope your weekend was amazing! My Fiance and I took a little trip down south this weekend to Orlando and enjoyed food, parks and quality time!  Speaking of traveling, there are some weekend get-aways that you just need a good duffle bag for, am I right?  Suitcases are fun, but nothing says last minute weekend trip like a cute duffle with your Monogram on it.  Jon Hart has an very special new color out “Rose” and she is gorgeous, like you!

    I enjoyed her this winter in a duffle and makeup bag, because what more can a girl need? Jon Hart’s new Rose was a pretty pop of pink for Winter, but I think it goes great for our upcoming Spring Season.  The Makeup bag is a perfect little gift for your gal pals or yourself.  As a bride-to-be myself, I think they make a good “Brides Maid Proposal” Gift!

    Jon Hart has everything from Duffels, Garment Bags, Suit Cases, Backpack and more, ps. it looks better with your Monogram on it!

    Check out their new line HERE

    Thank you Jon Hart for Sponsoring this post!

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    10 Things I Use on a Daily Basis

    Welcome back to the Blog!  If you want to get to know me a little better, let me start by introducing 10 things I use on a daily basis. Oh and good news, I have linked the products below, just click on the image and shop away!

    1. My Clarisonic Mia Fit – I use this morning and night, and since I started I have not stopped.  It might be genetics, but I have not had a breakout since. (It is heaven-sent) If you love your skin, I would invest in this product!

    2. A wooden hair brush.  Not sure if you have jumped on this trend or not, but let me tell you why I did.  By using the wooden hair brush, you redistribute your hair oils, message your scalp, and it does not rip your hair out.  Say goodbye to your hairbrush full of hair!

    3. A great Lip Balm.  I put Lip balm on before Bed and as I get ready in the morning, these are a few of my favorites!

    4. A Devotional.  I tend to have a few of these lying around, one in the car, one at home and one in my backpack.  If you are looking for a little positivity, or just want to read and reflect more on your faith I highly recommend these!  They are amazing.

    5. Bath Robe. I typically wear my bathrobe when I doing my makeup in the morning in efforts to not get anything on my clothes!  I love to wear it around my room, after a nice shower, or even over my clothes when I am cold! (haha just met?)

    6. Mascara.  Literally no matter what I am doing for the day, I have to have Mascara. Here are some of my Fav’s!  I mixed in Drugstore products and name brand (I think a lot of drugstore mascaras truly work just as well as the expensive ones!)

    7. Perfume. I love perfume and lately I have been only using these two! They smell SO amazing.

    8. Kopari Coconut Face Cream.  I live by this product, and it truly works wonders on my skin.  It is natural, worth the investment, and last a long time.  I only use a dime size every morning so it is worth it. I am really conscious of the products that I use on my skin, if you want a natural product that does not clog your pores and leaves your skin smooth… this is it!

    9. Random Notebook of Ideas.  This is something I have had for two years, and I carry it with me for those “random ideas” that you do not want to forget. I use it for blog ideas, life inspiration, to do lists, wedding thoughts and more. (This one is under $5 and Prime on Amazon!)

    10.  My Apple Watch.  The reason I love my Apple Watch is because it keeps me on track with steps, exercise, heart rate and more.  I really feel more attentive to making sure I am moving and taking care of myself!  I have the Series 3:

    Well, theres 10 things I use daily!  If you have something you want me to blog about Shoot me an email or a Direct Message and you may see it on the blog soon!

    Have an amazing week!

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    18 Things You Need in 2018

    Happy New Year!  It is incredible how fast 2017 flew by, and now 2018 is here.  Every year during this time we all start our resolutions for fitness, health and lifestyle goals that slowly dissolve as the year goes on. I have decided to share the 18 things I am incorporating into my 2018 for long term success.

    #1 The first thing that I want to start with is a planner.  I have always purchased a planner at the beginning of each year and promised myself to use it.  This year I am going to take time to become more organized and write things down.

    Here are some of the cutest planners I have found, all inexpensive and from Amazon! So you can get your planner in two days (prime shipping) and start staying organized.

    #2 I am going to take the initiative to drink more water.  Not only because I know it is good for me, but you feel better, have better workouts, better skin etc. I usually entice myself to drink more water by buying fancy water bottles and telling myself that will make me drink more. This year, I have decided to stick to my goal, and drink water with a slice of lemon in various pretty cups, you should too!  Sounds silly, but a few dollars on a reusable cup may be what you need to kick start your health goals in 2018.

    #3 Develop a routine for your life.  Morning and Night, I have a strict routine that I am starting and sticking to for the rest of the year.  From the time of day I take my vitamins, reflect on my day, wash my face, do my skin care routine, what day of the week I do my laundry and so much more.  By coming up with a routine that fits your schedule, it will develop a habit and become easier to get these things done daily/weekly.

    #4 Be active.  Whatever that means to you, be active in some way.  For me that is going to the gym and running outside.  I have already signed up for my first 5K of the year!  Whether you become active by yoga, kickboxing, at home gym, your local fitness club or just getting outside, take the step to live a more active lifestyle.

    For me personally, I have the an Apple Watch (rose gold), which I use to track my fitness goals and share my results with my friends.

    #5 Take time away from your devices.  It so hard to be present in the moment when we are constantly looking at our phone, tablets, computers and everything but the people we are with.  This year I want to make it a point to be more present in the moment and take time to put my phone away at a certain time each night, and more importantly when I am with my friends and family.  This will help strengthen your relationships and enjoy what is going on in the moment.

    #6 Take time to smile.  Just by smiling you become happier, and can make those around you happy too!

    #7 Write thank you notes.  I am a huge fan of taking the time to write someone a thank you note.  Whether they did some big or small, a hand-written note can make a world of a difference.  It is so unheard of to write a thank you note nowadays.  These are a few of my favorites, to keep on hand.  I throw some in a drawer in my desk at work and it my car because you never know when you will need them!

    #8 A positive mind.  Keep positive about whatever life throws your way!

    #9 A healthy balanced eating habit, not a crash diet.  Focus on eating foods that will fuel your body, and permanently add them to your life.

    #10 Read a good book, or do a daily devotional.  Taking time to better yourself in any way is always beneficial to your life.  Here are a few of my daily devotionals!

    #11 A good daily moisturizer with SPF.  Not only does having a daily moisturizer with SPF help with aging, it prevents skin cancer and acts as a protective layer to your skin.  My Fiance and I both use a daily moisturizer on a regular basis.

    #12 A budget. It is not only important to have a budget if you are trying to save money, but being on a budget of any kind can allow you to have money for travel and leisure items.  I have always had a budget, and will continue to make it a part of my 2018.

    #13  Being organized in your home.  This is something that I need to work on specifically when it comes to using something and putting it back when I am done with it.  I always use things to get ready or try on a few outfits and then create a small mess that I save myself to pick up later.  This year I am going to work on putting things back as I use them, in order to remain organized.

    #14 Make your goals and follow through with them.

    #15 Implement the two minute rule.  This is something that I discovered recently while reading an article.  If the task can be done in two minutes or less, do not push it off, just do it immediately.  This simple rule will make you more efficient.

    #16  A good pair of Sunnies.

    #17 Go the extra mile.  In 2018 I want to make sure that I go the extra mile, be kinder than necessary, more patient and always look to help those around me.

    #18 Share your goals and inspire others.

    Happy 2018 Everyone!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year. 

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    Engagement Photoshoot & the Journey to the Wedding










    Engagement Sessions are so fun, you get to stare at your best friend for about an hour and being in St. Augustine was like having the paparazzi follow you around.  Besides the tourists yelling compliments at us and feeling like we were celebrities, it was such a dreamy shoot.

    We decided to do our Engagement Session in St. Augustine FL, because we have SO many memories, and dates in the downtown area.

    PS. our Wedding will also be held here… so it just makes sense.  The historic buildings gave such a sweet loving vibe and I think we crushed it… what do you say?


























    So where are we in the planning process?

    Well you are looking at it, the planning has just begun. We chose our date (in February 2019) so we have a little over a year to plan our perfect day. Although we have a long time, that does not make the decisions easier.

    Things that I am looking forward to:

    1. Picking out my dress
    2. Floral arrangements
    3. The photos and videography.. duh
    4. Cake testing… because that should be a professional hobby!
    5. Taking time to let everything Fall into place.

    Something so funny is that I really do not care about the food, but that is what makes this bond SO perfect.  Joseph is a great cook and loves food, so it is a given he will pick out the complete menu (with my final approval of course).  Us girls have to let the guy be in charge of something right?  Honestly though, we are SO excited to start this wonderful journey together and appreciate prayers as well as advice along the way.


    Cheers to Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Campbell

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    Fall Date Ideas

    Happy Tuesday!

    Now that Fall is upon us, it is time to cozy up with that Special Someone and that means the cutest date ideas!

    All too often it is the guys job to come up with the “cute” ideas or surprises, this list is great for girls too… I love surprising my Fiance with fun random dates!

    Fall Date Ideas

    • Hike a Scenic Area
    • Head to your local coffee shop
    • Have a Picnic in a park
    • Snuggle near a warm fire (don’t forget the s’mores)
    • Make Homemade Candy Apples together
    • Go to a pumpkin patch, pick the pumpkin. Then have a carving contest!
    • Shop a local Farmers Market
    • Visit a brewery/wine tasting (if you are 21+)
    • Go to a Fall Festival
    • Go to a corn maze
    • Enjoy a football game
    • Give back to your community (Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen)

    Every single week my Fiance and I go on a date, we find time to spend together and just focus on enjoy each other’s company.  Whether its a free date, a deal we found on Groupon or something random we look forward to that time together.

    Something SO EXCITING is that this past Sunday we did our Engagement Photoshoot and I will be sharing these pictures in 2-3 weeks! (I seriously can not wait!!)

    I took this candid photo of Joseph in his bow-tie because he looked like such a stud.

    I look forward to sharing our special shoot soon, thanks for reading!