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    Hi there, and welcome back to my blog!  Today I am going to be answering the most commonly asked questions I get about my hair, extensions, what Salon I go to…etc.

    So grab your coffee, tea, or fav drink and let’s jump right into it.


    Do you wear hair extensions?

    Yes- I do wear hair extensions and have been for years.  I have worn clip ins, and NBR (Natural Beaded Row) Extensions. Currently I am wearing Natural Beaded Row Extensions.

    Where do you get your Hair Extensions Done?

    I have been going to Maeghen Soucinek (The Hair Queen) at Vera Salon Co.  She is worth following on Instagram, and the most down to earth Hair Artist I know.  She is the owner of Vera Salon Co, and her Salon is located in Lake City, FL.  She has a very talented staff, and they are trained on NBR Extensions as well.

    Can you explain NBR Extensions?

    NBR, also known as Natural Beaded Row is best described by the Professionals at Vera Salon Co:

    Hand Tied Wefts are sewn-in beaded rows customized to each clients needs. Multiple pieces of extension hair are custom colored and sewn onto a row using a bead and thread. The custom color of the extensions hair and the clients hair is what makes our hand tied wefts seamless on each clients head. Our hand tied wefts are less damaging than any other extension method because there is NO glue, NO tape, NO mess when removing, and there are LESS points of contact on the head, which ensures less damage. Hair extensions are something we don’t take lightly… Most of us wear them ourselves, therefore we can personally say from our own experience, that this method is like no other! Nothing compares, honestly. With hand tied wefts, each client has enough hair to cut into, in order to blend into the natural hair. Not to mention, it gives you the ability to still wear your hair up, brush through without snagging a tab, and still manages to hide seamlessly in your hair. How can anyone say no to that?! These extensions are meant for all hair types.”

    Are Natural Beaded Row Extensions Comfortable?

    Yes, they are SO much more comfortable than clips ins.  You do not have to rearrange them or worry about them showing.  You can go from wearing your hair down to throwing it up in seconds. They lay flat on your head, which is AMAZING! I actually forget I am wearing them sometimes!

    What length are your extensions?

    I have 22″ extensions, if you have been following me for a while you already know I love LONG LOCKS.

    img_6534Can you wash the Hair Extensions?

    Yes, you wash the hair extensions just like your normal hair. I wash my hair twice a week and you can rock the same style for a few days with little to no touch ups.

    Does the hair grow out?

    Yes, the hair will grow out with your natural hair and you will have to have a maintenance done around 7-8 weeks.  This can all depend on how fast or slow your hair grows, everyone is different.

    Do Natural Beaded Row Extensions work for different hair types?

    This is one of my FAVORITE questions, YES!  Natural Beaded Row Extensions are available in Straight, Wavy and Curly at Vera Salon Co.  That means, for those just wanting to add length or volume to their natural hair- there is something for everyone.

    Do you already have to have long hair to get extensions?

    No, you do not. Even if you have short/fine hair Maeghan and her team do a beautiful job of blending the extensions, so they always appear natural.

    Why choose Vera Salon?

    Something that was very important to me when choosing a Salon, was finding a Salon that was not only educated on hair extensions, but was genuinely interested in getting me to my hair GOALS.  From the consult, to the service I can’t rave enough about how amazing Vera Salon is.  When you walk in to the Salon, it is clean and modern, everyone is friendly and let’s just be honest…. everyone has GREAT HAIR. It says a lot to me when your stylist also wears and uses her own products.  In this case, Natural Beaded Row Extensions. During your appointment, you are the center of attention.  You truly get a one on one experience with your stylist who is completely invested in taking your hair from it’s current state to the hair of your dreams.  The staff at Vera Salon is dedicated, client centered and knowledgeable.

    I chose Vera Salon because of my initial consultation experience and trust in the Salon.  I did follow the Salon on Instagram before going in for my service, and the work they put into each color, cut and style speaks for itself.

    Do the Natural Beaded Row Extension come in multiple lengths?

    Yes, they come in different lengths and can also be cut to your desired look.

    I am interested in Hair Extensions, but not sure they are right for me…

    I would suggest filling out the application here scroll to the bottom of the page and you will be contacted shortly by the Vera Salon Team.  Be sure to mention you read this post!

    Are NBR Extensions easy to style?

    Yes, they are amazing to work with, I am so thankful that I booked my appointment before my wedding.  I will share some photos from my Wedding so you can see how well the extensions hold style!


    img_6531img_6532img_6533Do you have a Discount code for us?

    YES-  KAYLA10 

    This discount will get you 10% off any service. So even if you are not interested in extensions, but want a hair makeover or a simple cut, use my code!


    I hope you all enjoyed this post! I will be writing a follow up post with ALL the products and care tips you will need to maintain your NBR Extensions.

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