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    Top 15 Newborn Baby Must Haves!

    img_4860Hi there! Welcome back to the blog! So much has changed in the last 7 weeks, having a newborn baby has been so fun, exciting and NEW! I am sharing with you, my top 15 newborn must haves that I really couldn’t do without. 

    1.UppaBaby Stroller – Jake

    I love this stroller so much, and there are so many reasons why. First, it is compatible with the car seat mentioned later in this post.  It is so incredibly easy to slide in and out, and you don’t have to wake that sleeping baby up to take a stroll or go into a store.  Second, I love the fact that it has a bassinet topper, a regular seat or you can use the car seat function. All around, this was the best stroller option I found to fit my busy lifestyle!  The wheels are nice and big, which make going over rough terrain or curbs very easy!

    2. Portable Fan for Stroller

    Living in Florida, this is a great thing to have.  We go on walks a few times a week and depending on the time of day, it can be hot for your baby.  I clip this fan on our stroller and know John Luke is staying cool the entire time.  It keeps your baby comfortable and is so nice to have.

    3. UppaBaby Mesa Car seat

    We got this car seat in black, which is neutral if you are planning on having multiple kids! The car seat is so easy to install in your car, and honestly goes in the base with one click.  None of that tugging and moving you may experience with other car seats.  A good idea with this car seat is purchasing an extra base for your husbands car or the grandparents.  My mother personally got a base for her car, so if she is watching him it is as simple as clicking in the car seat and go!

    4. Snoo

    ABSOLUTE LIFESAVER! If you have not heard of the Snoo, you need to look it up right away.  I can not say enough about this bassinet.  We purchased the Snoo a few months before John Luke was born and ever since the first night he came home, he has slept great in it.  The snoo soothes and rocks your baby, picks up on the cries, adjusts the built in sound machine and so much more.  You can monitor your babies sleep patterns and status from an app on your phone.  It is known for calming your baby in 60 seconds or less and that has been the case for us.  He loves sleeping in his Snoo, and we also put him down for naps in it during the day.  It gives me peace of mind that he will have the best sleep possible!

    5. BabyBjorn Bouncer with Toy

    This came highly recommended from a fellow mom friend. We added it to our registry and we also use this every single day!  It is convenient and we use it in all areas of the house. It keeps John Luke occupied for longer lengths of time, he loves to sit in the bouncer and just watch what I am doing.  We just recently put the toy bar on it, and he is starting to use his hands to reach for toys! As he grows I am sure that we will use that feature more!

    6. Swaddles

    I learned very quickly in the hospital that newborn babies love to be swaddled.  Our nurse on the first day was a PRO at swaddling John Luke up! We even video taped her technique so we could practice on our own.  He fell right asleep and was immediately calmed by this.  When we got home, we were not the BEST at swaddling.  My mother actually purchased us our first set of swaddles that velcro (LIFESAVER). Your baby will be perfectly swaddled and you will not be frustrated.  We love these:

    7. Bottles with small nipples

    Whether you are strictly breast feeding or using formula, I highly recommend using bottles with small nipples or newborn sizes.  I am breastfeeding, and I pump as well so that John Luke can have a bottle with his dad or relatives that may watch him.  It was important for us to get the smaller nipples.  The bottles came with size 1 and 2 nipples, and he was drinking so fast. This caused him to get more air in which means more burps etc. This can cause discomfort in your newborn, especially if they are a big eater.  So we had to “slow him down” by using newborn nipples.  We actually still use the newborn size, and he is two months old.  I prefer him to not waste the milk (sometimes when it comes out too fast it will run out of there mouths etc.).  It also helps overall with his digestion.  Another fear people have is that when they give their babies bottles, they will not want to breast feed any more.  That can be true, they have to work harder to breast feed than they do to drink a bottle.  If you get the newborn sized nipples, they have to work harder to get the milk out.  I will link the bottles I have as well as the additional nipples I purchased. 

    8. Gripe Water

    We originally tried another gas medicine and our pediatrician recommended Gripe Water to us.  It is natural and he does not mind it at all.  We give it to him as needed and honestly this is a must have.  I have some at the house and in his diaper bag at all times. 

    9. Magnetic & Zip up Footie Pajamas / Sleeper Gowns

    I love getting John Luke super cute outfits but I have really come to love and appreciated the easy outfits.  Whether its magnetic or zip up, these are so convenient for quick diaper changes, especially when you are out and about.  When your baby is not big enough to talk, it is helpful to be able to do a quick check to see if they are fussy because of their diaper.  Magnetic, zip up and sleeper gowns are perfect for a busy lifestyle like mine!

    My favorites are all linked here!


    Zip Up



    10. Tummy Time Mat

    Tummy time is important and let me tell you: John Luke is not a fan of tummy time.  This mat specifically has helped because we place him on his back and he gets to be stimulated by all the toys and used to the mat.  Then, when he does his tummy time, he is familiar and more comfortable.  I also love this mat because it can grow with him, there is 5 different stages/transformation with this mat! It ends up being a ball pit (so much fun). Definitely a must have!

    11. Bibs Pacifiers

    This came highly recommended to me from another mama!  She swore by them, and they are from Amazon!  We love them, John Luke has no issues with nursing/bottle feeding.  He is not addicted to his pacifier and the nipple is the most “real” looking/ feeling for them. They have TONS of cute colors!

    12. Bandana Cloth Bibs

    These are amazing, we use them nursing and bottle feeding.  If you have a drooler or spitter you will LOVE these.  Plus the styles are so stinking cute!  They hug under the neck and help not go through as many outfits for me personally with John Luke. Copper Pearl is our favorite brand for these, they are so soft. 

    13. Diaper Bags

    There are so many diaper bags out there, but I personally think its important to have at least ONE large diaper bag!  We have the monogrammed large one from Pottery Barn Kids and love it.  Its perfect for storing so much! Lots of pockets inside and out and it is durable.  I’ve linked the large one, as it is the one I most use, and then a few smaller ones I love that would be good on the go!

    14. Dockatot

    A Dockatot is a luxury baby lounger and this thing is a game changer.  It is perfect and portable, we use it every day.  I can easily set John Luke in here while I do dishes, pick up the house or just need to use the bathroom.  He loves to take naps in it as well but we tend to use it to get things done.  It is also nice when you go to your family and friends homes, to throw it in the car and have it in case your little one wants a rest! 

    15. Baby Wraps

    If you want to get stuff done, I highly recommend investing in 2-3 good baby wraps/ carriers. My husband even wears them (yes all of them).  You can hold your baby, vacuum, do chores, work, walk, shop and so much more.  These are hands down the best thing you can do for your schedule!  Makes life so much easier. 

  • Baby

    Its a BOY!

    Just a few weeks ago, we found out our first baby is a… BOY!  We are so thrilled to be having a baby boy but most importantly that we are having a healthy baby!

    Time is surely flying, and I am officially 23 weeks. I have been posting weekly updates on Instagram, of my cravings, how big the baby is and other highlights.  It is so amazing how quickly our bodies as women can change and grow with a baby. I have not had any serious cravings, but the past few weeks I have been eating Avocado Toast ….. EVERY DAY!

    We did a Gender Reveal/ Maternity Shoot to announce the big news! Some of my favorite images are below.


    I love capturing moments our lives in photos and videos.  These are the milestones in life that I can’t help but document and cherish, year after year. The photos were all taken by Shelby; Shelby Williams Photography . She is so talented, and captures you in the moment in such a beautiful way.

    The Gender Reveal Video

    This video was captured by the talented Wade; WSW Films 

    This video was our special way to announce that little baby Campbell is a BOY! I will be sharing things I have been learning during pregnancy, my favorite pregnancy purchases and how we are preparing for our baby in Blog Posts to come.

    PS. We are naming our little baby boy, John Luke Campbell!