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    Growing up and Getting Organized.

    Happy Sunday!  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I am not only getting married in 7 months, but I have purchased my first home!  I am so excited and nervous for all of the fun new things that have been brought into my life.  I am 23, about to graduate college, get married, have a home and I feel like I am truly “Adulting”.

    I have not always been the most organized person, and I am also the type of person who gets stressed out very easily.  The more organized and in control I am, the more relaxed I feel.  I wanted to share some amazing things that have helped me grow up and get organized lately.  Hopefully they will help you too.

    Getting Organized:

    1. Write down a To-Do List for upcoming tasks all in one spot.  I used to solely rely on my memory to keep track of the things that I need to get done.  Then slowly but surely, I started to write things down in my Iphone Notes, Planners, post it notes.  The thing that you need to do is find the ONE way that works best for you and stick to that.  That way all of your information is in one place.
    2. Create a “home” or place for everything.  As I got older, I have accumulated many items and sometimes life can get cluttered.  It is important to put things back in their “home” once you are done using them.  If you can’t find a home for something, you probably do not need it, or should get rid of (donate) other things to make more room.
    3. Clean on a regular basis.  Pick a day of the week that works best for you and make sure you clean you room, bathroom, car etc. If you make it a habit, you will always have a clean space and feel more relaxed.
    4. Donate things a few times a year. As the seasons change, so does your wardrobe.  If you are me for example, you accumulate new clothes all the time and that leaves some things collecting dust in the closet.  There are so many people in need in your community and if you have not worn the item in 6 months- 1 year then you probably should donate or sell it.  If you have name brand clothing that you do not want to just donate, and could use a little cash in your pocket, you can sell on Poshmark.   I have personally used Poshmark and have nothing but good things to say about it.
    5. Check expiration dates of food, makeup (yes makeup is actually not good forever), hair care products etc.  This helps declutter what you currently have.
    6. Create a list of all your passwords, emails and login information in one area.  As you get older you have multiple emails, online banking information, apps, reward programs, Amazon Accounts and so on.  Not every password and login credentials are the same, and it is so nice to be able to keep them all in one place to reference.
    7. Make sure you schedule time for yourself.  This is something that I have always struggled with.  Do not say “yes” every time someone asks you to do something, otherwise you will always be running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Whether it is working out, getting your nails done, watching a movie, or reading a book… taking time for yourself is great for your mental health.

    This upcoming week I will begin packing up my belonging and moving them to my first home, I am so excited.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I will be sharing more home decor posts, and fun lifestyle posts!

    Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future- Jeremiah 29: 11

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    What You Need to Know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

    img_0798-1Are you going to be shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year?  There is pretty much only one answer… YES! So I have compiled a run down of everything you need to know to shop smart and save the most.

    When is the SALE?

    Anniversary sale calendar.
    July 11 is Anniversary Sale Early Access Pre-Shop day in stores for Level 4 cardmembers.

    July 11, Level 4 cardmembers get to pre-shop the sale in stores only.

    July 12 to July 19 is Early Access for all cardmembers to shop in stores and online.

    July 12-19, all cardmembers get to shop Early Access in stores and online.

    Anniversary Sale opens to the public July 20 to August 5.

    July 20-August 5, our biggest sale of the year opens to the public. Find Your Store

    Anniversary sale calendar.

    If you DO NOT already have a Nordstrom Card (I DO) and you want to get one (free) to get early access to the sale, go ahead and Click HERE

    Why should you get a Nordstrom Card?
    Only Nordstrom card members will be able to shop the sale during the Early Access time frame.

    – Earn 2 points per dollar spent in stores and online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club.

    – Plus, get a $40 bonus Note when you make any purchase with Nordstrom on your new card the day you’re approved.

    Why should you shop the Sale?

    Shop for yourself, your husband, your wife, your kids, friends and so on!

    Anniversary Sale Catalog HERE

    Men’s Catalog HERE

    Can you still shop online and pick up in the store?

    Yes, and I recommend doing that.  In the store you will be able to shop different items then the ones you see online.

    What type of clothing is on sale?
    This sale is unlike any other, it is all the newest Fall trends you could think of, ON SALE.  When the sale ends August 5th the prices will go back to their original price. I love to get a few coats, boots, heels, jeans, tops and beauty products. There is something for every one and every style at this sale.
    Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming #Nordstrom dedicated posts to my “Wishlist” and things I purchased myself.
    Happy Shopping!
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    Four Fitness Challenges for July

    Happy 4th of July to all of you!  I hope by the time you are reading this, you have enjoyed a great day with your family and friends celebrating this beautiful holiday.  I wanted to share Four Fitness Challenges for you and ME to try to conquer for the remainder of this month.

    1. Stretch before every single workout this month.  Yes, even before doing cardio.
    2. Incorporate Jumping rope into your routine, whether that is at your own house or at the gym, get that heart rate up.
    3. Do a form of cardio 2-4 times a week….. consistently.
    4. Last but not least, do a minimum of 3 workouts every single week.  The more the merrier.

    Good Luck, and Happy Fourth of July! 



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    The 4th of July Sales I will be Shopping!

    Happy Tuesday and Happy (Almost) 4th of July!

    Hopefully we have a day full of sunshine and fun on the Florida forecast tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July! (Fingers Crossed) I wanted to link some of the sales I will be shopping tomorrow below, click on the store name and check out these awesome deals!

    Red Dress Boutique Cue the Fireworks Sale

    Amazon  Up to 60% off

    Target   4th of July Clearance

    Express  Additional 50% off Clearance

    DSW  Up to 70% Off Clearance Event

    Forever 21 Extra 40% Off All Sale

    Francesca’s 4th of July Sale

    Romwe Everything on Sale for the 4th

    I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!



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    Unique Wedding Guest Book with Miss Design Berry

    Happy Monday Everyone!

    I have a little “Sneak Peak” for you guys who are interested in some wedding details for my big day.  I will be sharing my favorite piece from Miss Design Berry thus far, my Guest Book Alternative with Wedding Venue.

    So what Miss Design Berry?

    A fully customizable online shop that allows you to personalize your wedding details. They offer services for Weddings, Gifts, Parties, Business and so much more.  I obviously am solely using them for my Wedding, and could not be in better hands!

    What is the Guest Book Alternative with Wedding Venue?

    It’s a MUST! It is traditional to have a guest book where everyone signs their name or rights their well wishes to you in a book or on an oversized photo of you and your spouse.  Miss Design Berry takes Guest Book to a whole new level by taking your dream Wedding Venue and making it a piece of art! I am obsessed with our Wedding Venue (The Basilica in St. Augustine FL) and the Historic City surrounding it. It will not only be an amazing piece at our reception, but the most meaningful keepsake from the big day.

    Shop Wedding Guestbook Alternatives Here

    What is the process like specifically for the Guest Book Alternative with Wedding Venue?

    Start by going online to Miss Design Berry and taking a look at the Guestbook Alternative with Wedding Venue page.

    1. You will Choose the type of material you want.
      • Matte Paper, Gallery Canvas, or Framed Canvas *I went with the Framed Canvas
    2. Then you will choose a size based on your guest count.
    3. They have fun items to add on like Easels and even Snap Chat filters! (Totally optional)
    4. Then add to cart and checkout
    5. From this point, the fun begins. You get sent a form with questions on colors, wedding dates, your names, the handwriting you would like, themes, photos of yourself and your future spouse and photos of your venue. You can send photos of your wedding dress, specific pieces of jewelry, how you want your hair to look and so much more. They truly want it to be a perfect piece for your wedding.
    6. The artwork is then created and sent to you in a proof, where you can then request any additional changes to be made.
    7. After final approval the final product is shipped out to you!

    What were the thoughts on the final product?

    I could not believe how much attention to detail there truly was in the art.  I mean even down to my jaw line being on point.  The Miss Design Berry team truly did an amazing job (I am not just saying that) I am blown away and so happy that our Guest Book will be so unique and so special. I loved the Canvas and Mahogany Frame, it is beautiful and I can’t wait to get married and be able to hang it up in the house.

    How easy is the Website to use ?

    Miss Design Berry has a great website, where you can see examples of the work and how talented the team is.  They have an online Chat system that allows you to instantly speak to someone about products, questions and more.  The website is very clean, and easy to use!

    Some of the things that caught my eye for my big day are: (Click Images to View Products)

    If you have not already, be sure to follow Miss Design Berry on Instagram for more Wedding Inspo!

    Thank you Miss Design Berry for my Beautiful Guest Book and for sponsoring this post!

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    Learning to Go with the Flow

    Happy Sunday Everyone!

    It has been such a busy last couple of weeks for myself, between Graduating with my Bachelors Degree in August, to closing on my first home, I have been pulled in so many directions.  Not complaining though, life works in amazing ways and often times the plan is better than we could have imagined.  I am a very anxious person and if I have too many things on my plate, or “uncertainties” I will start to feel very overwhelmed. It has been absolutely vital to me to learn to go with flow, as well as rely on my faith.

    In regards to learning how to go with the flow, I have been leaning not on my own understanding, but fully trusting the plan that God has for my life.  I deal with things as they come, and see God works his way into each and every part of my crazy busy past month.  Sometimes we are in such a rush to get to a finish line, that we do not stop to take time to enjoy the ride.  I have been looking forward to my Graduation in August, but as I am now in my last class before I receive my degree, I have taken time to reflect on how blessed I am to obtain an education at a University.

    This upcoming Saturday, I will be wedding dress shopping with the most amazing bridesmaids and mother that I could ask for, and the week following that I will be moving into my first home.  There is a bible verse that comes to mind every time I feel like I have a million things on my plate.

    Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.

    If you are always worrying about tomorrow, like I sometimes find myself doing, you will always feel on edge and stressed.  If you focus on being present in your current situation and trusting in the Lord, he will guide you through each and every day.  Of course, that is not to say that every day if you trust God you will have a perfect day.  I have had a lot of not so fun or “good” days, which served a bigger purpose in his plan for my life.  Overall, it is so important to take time to realize what is truly important in life, not how many followers you have on social media, or what you look like… but truly celebrating each and every day for what it is.

     I hope everyone has an amazing week and can learn to go with their own flow.  Even if you are not a Christian or do not fully believe in trusting in God, know that there is a bigger plan for your life. One last note, my Fiance is constantly reminding me to “not sweat the small things”.  I would have to say I have finally come to agree with him, and focusing on all the small little things can really drive me crazy.  By not sweating the small things and letting go of the things you cannot control, you will find true happiness.





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    Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from my Followers

    Happy Friday! On Tuesday, via Instagram I asked my followers to share some helpful tips to me (a Bride-to-be) to prepare me for wedding dress shopping!  I will be going shopping in two weeks for my dress and could not be more excited and nervous.

    Here is a roundup of the tips I received!

    •  “I ended up getting a dress that style wise I didn’t even know I would love! You’ll just know, don’t second guess. When it’s the one it’s the one. Funny enough my dress ended up being the first one I tried on! ( I tried on others too, but kept coming back to that one) enjoy it! ”  @nikkisfashion411
    • “Be ready to fall in love with something you didn’t know you wanted 🙂 Try on a few that you think you LOVE then let the stylist pick the rest.” @theeventfulgals
    • “Make a Pinterest board with dresses you like and take it in to show your consultant, it’s so much easier than trying to explain it. And ask them to pull you a wild card look!” @girlwithadiamondring
    • “It may sound cheesy, but you’ll know “the” dress when you put it on and with then the veil —boom!” @splurgeonstyle
    • “Something I wish I did when dress shopping is try on more! I was so stuck on one style, I feel like I missed out a little. ” @pumpsandpushups
    • “A big tip is to be super open minded when the stylist picks out things for you! I went in with one idea in my head but then left with a dress totally different from what I planned! And I’m so glad I did!” @kkalink
    • ” Enjoy the entire experience!!” @elyssedw
    • “Try on as many styles as you can. Even the ones you’re least excited about! You may surprise yourself! ” @palmandpineblog

    I really love hearing from you guys in regards to tips and advice from your own personal experiences. You guys are the BEST!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

    XoXo- Kayla

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    Why I love Rompers

    Happy Monday and welcome back to the Blog! Here in Florida it has been in the upper 90’s for the past week and I could not be more happy that Summer is officially here.  Out of all the styles that are out there this summer, I wanted to write a little post about why I love rompers specifically. If you aren’t sold on the whole romper look yet, you just might be when you finish reading!

    Reason #1

    Wearing a romper means you only have to wear one thing.  You do not have to put on pants and a top, or a skirt and a top, you can just slip on into the romper. It is an effortless look, and you literally just have to throw it on and go.

    Reason #2

    I love rompers because you can dress them up or dress them down, making them the most versatile summer piece in your summer wardrobe.  Add a pair of heels or wedges and you are all set to go to a special occasion. Or throw on some sandals and take a walk on the beach.

    Reason #3

    You can choose pattern or plain.  Rompers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and prints.  There is a romper out there for every type of girl.

    Reason #4

    If you are tall, like me, summer dresses can become a little short.  Or even one breeze of summer wind and your suddenly embarrassingly trying to hold down your dress. I love rompers because they have the cute look of the dress, but are shorts.  SO no accidental flashing!

    Reason #5

    You can sit criss cross apple sauce in them.. enough said.

    Reason #6

    There is an acceptable romper for anyone.  I have seen rompers that are too short, just long enough, and even modest in length.  I believe that rompers are super comfy, and provide a look that everyone can enjoy.

    Reason #7

    They are figure flattering.  You may just be having one of those days, where your jeans are too tight or something does not fit right.  With a romper, I feel confident no matter what my mood is.

    I may have a slight romper obsession, and my all time Favorite rompers are Off the Shoulder.


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    Girls Trip to Savannah

    This past weekend I took a Girls Trip to Savannah, GA to celebrate a friends 24th birthday with 5 lovely ladies. I truly had so much fun exploring, celebrating, and enjoying the trip that I ended up not taking many pictures (SO unlike me).  I really wanted to be off my phone and present with the people I was with!  I still wanted to share what we did and give some recommendations!

    Friday: Time to hit the road.

    Friday morning rolled around and we all piled into an SUV and headed to Savannah from Jacksonville.  The trip there was not too bad, about 2.5 hours in the car with suitcases and all of our essentials. Our trip was only two days, but I am pretty sure we all brought enough outfits for an entire week!  Packing light is not our speciality. We hit the road at 10:30 am and arrived shortly after lunch time. We booked an Airbnb for the weekend, and the check in time was at 3 so we had time to kill and were all feeling HANGRY.  We had no itinerary other than having a good time, so we literally googled places to eat near us. The first one to come up was the Crystal Beer Parlor and it was two blocks from the parking garage, so we started walking there.  We passed a hotel, and there was a woman outside so we just asked her “Where is a great place to eat lunch at?” ironically she said “There is a place right around the corner called the Crystal Beer Parlor, the food is so good!”.  Between her praises and Google’s help, we knew our choice was a good one.  It was about 1:30 on Friday afternoon before we were seated and while we were waiting we took it upon ourselves to chat with some of the locals about the best places to go out.  Some of the suggestions that were shared were:

    • Wet Willies (for the slushies)
    • The Bar Bar
    • Saddlebags
    • Alley Cat Lounge
    • City Market
    • Tree House Bar

    We sat down at our table and discussed what the evening plans would consist of and where we would go. Everyone at our table ordered something completely different off of the menu from Burgers, to Salad, to wraps and Root Beer Floats.  We enjoyed our food at the Crystal Beer Parlor and I would highly recommend it.  I am not a Beer Drinker, but here is a list of their Beers if you are interested!  The environment was family friendly, everyone was enjoying their time, and we had great service.

    We had about 40 min until check in time, so we decided to go to the grocery store and get some California Pizza Kitchen Pizza, breakfast foods and waters.  It was so strange because in Jacksonville we all usually go to Publix (the bomb dot com) and we went to a Kroger.  I have personally never been to a Kroger, and the only negative thing I have to say was it seemed like everything was on sale, but in order to get that sale price, you had to have a Kroger card.  So Ciera (one of the gals) took one for the team and got a Kroger card, and then we literally used it on all of our transactions LOL.

    It was finally time to check in to the Airbnb and we did not want to pay for the Meter Parking in front on the street, so we rotated girls to stay in the car while we lugged suitcases, food and air mattresses into the place.  It probably looked like we were moving into the home for weeks, when in realty we were there a total of two days! Two of us went to park the car 3 blocks away while the other four waited for them to get back.  We did not take too much time unpacking before we headed out to shop a little.

    Right next to our Airbnb were multiple shops and one of them had Popsicles… that were $4! So, yes, we spent $4 on popsicles and then walked right out into heat that felt like 100 degrees and had to fight a battle between the sun and the popsicle.  They began melting faster than we could eat them.

    We walked about .5 miles and then decided to head back and start making the Pizza’s and resting before a fun night out. We listened to music, did our hair/makeup, took pictures with the birthday girl (Peyton) and then took an Uber to Congress Street and decided to just see what looked like a fun place to go.  Our first stop was Tree House, which was a cool place to be and we really liked the music.  It was located upstairs and had an outside deck, as well as a DJ that played throwback tunes like NSYNC and Britney Spears. Overall a great place to go if you want to experience a dancing and fun environment.  From there, we went to the well known Wet Willies where they have alcoholic slushies and a non alcoholic version for kids!  We were told the strongest flavor they have there is called “Call a Cab”.  They have so many flavors on their site listed here (accurate colors of Slushies):

    • Attitude Improvement
    • CALL A CAB®
    • Strawberry
    • Piña Colada
    • Sex on the Beach
    • Monkey Shine
    • White Russian
    • Margarita
    • Shock Treatment®
    • Naked Willie®
    • Chocolate Thunder
    • Sour Apple
    • Monster Melon
    • Weak Willie®
    • Mango
    • Sugar-Free CALL A CAB®
    • Peach

    You can also Mix any flavors you want!

    From there, we headed back to the Airbnb to wrap up a great first night in Savannah!

    Saturday: Fun, Fun and more FUN!

    We woke up surprisingly early and decided to go for a morning walk.  We ended up walking about a mile to the cutest little breakfast spot called Goose Feathers Cafe and they honestly had the most delicious Menu options. I ordered the same thing as the birthday girl, a Bagel with Turkey Sausage and Egg (SO Good) with a small iced coffee.  After eating the most important meal of the day, we headed right around the corner to the shops.  There were the usual shops that we have here in Jacksonville like the Gap, Victoria Secret, Mac, Anthropology and so on.  We bought a few things and then headed back (Shopping bags in hand) to the Airbnb to get ready for the highlight of our day- The Savannah Slow Ride.

    For the 21 and Fun Age Group:

    The Savannah Slow Ride was something that we booked in advance to do from 1:45-2:45 and I would do it again in a heart beat. It is a 100% pedal powered ride, where you and fifteen other people are on a bike pedaling around town.  Basically, the faster you pedal, the more stops you get to make.  They bring you to bars and pubs all over the town and you can order drinks at whatever stops you would like.  Just for booking the Slow Ride, there is a special menu at each stop where you get selected drinks for a discount. We made a playlist for the ride, and plugged up the phone as soon as we sat down!  It was such a blast and the best part is, you do not only get those specials for the time that you are on the bike, you get them the entire weekend!

    Obviously drinking in the middle of the day can take a lot out of you, so we stopped for Pizza at a cash only pizza spot called Vinnie Van Go Go’s which I had been to one other time with my mother and sister.  The pizza is so amazing and we ordered a large (12 slices) which was perfect for all 6 of us!

    From there, we took naps and then repeated the same itinerary as the night before. We headed out to Congress Street and took on the town!  It was filled with cute outfits, laughter, the best memories. a special birthday, great girls and slightly embarrassing dancing.

    Until Next Time Savannah!

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    Florals: The Staple for Summer

    Whether you are working all summer, attending college classes, tripping with your Bff’s or everything in between it is important to keep your summer wardrobe Instagram worthy.  I am going to share some budget friendly styles for Summer, including my favorite florals of course.  I found an incredibly cute red floral dress this past weekend, and it is perfect for any occasion.

    I love finding dresses like this one because of the versatility.  I can pair it with sandals for a casual day, wedges for an event or barefoot on the sand at a resort.  You really can’t go wrong with florals and a bright color!


    SHOP my favorite bright floral staple pieces for summer below!

    SHOP my favorite wedges for Summer!