A Conversation From the Heart

Hi there and welcome back to the Blog!  It is almost time for Valentine’s Day and I would have to say the best part for me personally is my spending time with my Fiance and Conversation Hearts… I do not know why I have been so obsessed with these candies since Age 5 when you would bring in Valentine’s for your entire class.  Most likely because they are pure sugar, and you can share the sayings with friends or your crush!

On that note, I had something on my heart to share with you guys. My best tips for loving yourself, your life and others!

Tip #1 Do NOT Compare

The easiest way to be unhappy with what you have and who you are is to compare yourself to someone else.  Try to refrain from comparing yourself to someone else’s body, life, success, and even pictures.  You are so unique and so are they, just remember be happy with what you have and you will carry that happiness daily.  It is very easy, especially in today’s world with Social Media (Strictly a Highlight Reel) allowing us to sit around all day looking at what others are doing, wearing, traveling and living.  The best way to not compare yourself to others is to know your worth, know that everyone has “bad days” and there is no such thing as perfect.

Tip #2 Be Positive

The second thing I want to share is really going to help you love your life and enjoy the journey.  In each circumstance in our lives we have the choice to think negatively or pick out the positives.  By choosing to be positive, even in the small things you will notice you bring positivity to others around you and it becomes a habit.

Tip #3 Share the Love

It’s that split second when someone does something nice for you and you thank them. That moment you and a stranger pass and share a smile.  It is the time you take out of your day to share kindness to those around you.

My Look

Happy Valentines Day!  Love Yourself, Your Life and Others!~