7 Things To Do Before Bed 7 Days a Week

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

Life can be so busy sometimes but sleep is so important for your body. In order to have a good day every day, I swear by these 7 things to do 7 days a week before bed! 

1. Drink a full glass of water. 

2. Do one activity for atleast 15 minutes to take your mind off your day before bed.  (Recap your day, read a book, pray, catch up on a show) 

3. Put your phone on sleep mode, stay off your electronics prior to bed time. Electronics keep your brain awake and can disrupt your sleep. 

4. Plan for the next day, set out your outfit, pack your lunch etc. 

5.  Pick out one accomplishment from your day big or small. 

6. Use a night cream, it is so important to keep your skin moisturized. 

7. The most important… SET your alarm. 
Doing these 7 things consistently is the recipe to a better week! 


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