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    Tips for your Monday-Friday Grind

    Do you ever feel like it is the end of the weekend and you have the upcoming week ahead, filled with so many new goals to eat better, be more productive or overcome a new obstacle?  I sure do.  I often times tell myself Sunday night, that I am going to meal prep, workout each morning, keep up with my responsibilities (like a clean car and room) and then somehow our perfect plan is thrown off track by one event.  When this happens it is so important to know two things, 1) That life will never be “perfect” so we should not expect our plans to always go as we desire and 2)Use the following tips to help you stay on the Monday-Friday Grind.

    So let’s jump right in, to Tip #1:

    Write things down. I cannot emphasize this enough, for years I have been going through life with a full time school and work load just basing my responsibilities on memory or the infamous “I’ll do that (enter tedious task here) in a minute.   Well… that minute will pass, or the phone will ring and that to-do item will suddenly slip through the cracks.  So write things down, not some things, write EVERYTHING down.  It becomes a habit, and will improve your productivity as well as relieve stress.  Nothing feels better than checking something off your list and feeling like you have accomplished something for the day.

    Tip #2

    Be Prepared. This is another good one.  Whatever days works best for you, (for me it is Sunday Evening) I take five minutes and simply plan ahead for my week.  I look at what appointments, classes, workouts, birthday parties, family dinners and so on, that I might have going on for the week and make sure that I am truly planning ahead for what the week has to bring.  I want to make sure that I am giving myself enough time to finish my assignments at work and school, fitting in a little “me” time at the gym, having a little fun with friends and loved ones all while making sure my life has a healthy balance.  Bonus Tip *If you always give yourself more than enough time for everything you have scheduled, when unforeseen events pop up, you can remain as calm/cool as a cucumber, because you got this! 

    Tip #3

    Drink Water. I will be the first person to say I do not enjoy water, and you are not going to see me walking around with a gallon jug all day.  However, when you get up in the morning grab yourself a cup of water and just drink it.  This will form a healthy habit and get you started on the right foot for your day.  Drinking water is great for working out, to keep you hydrated, or maybe you are feeling worn down halfway through your day.  Replacing soda’s or other beverages with a glass of water can truly give your body what it needs and keep you strong throughout the day.  Something that my mom has always told me was “If you are drinking water only when your dying of thirst you are keeping your body in a constant state of dehydration”.  Some things that have helped me add more water into my regimen are 1) Keeping a bottle/glass of water near me at all times and taking sips of it frequently, 2) adding lemon juice to my water to add some flavor, 3) When ordering from a restaurant, always take them up on a water before your meal.

    Tip #4

    Journal, Write in a devotional or take time to reflect.  (Better yet, do all 3) When life is a constant stream of go-go-go it is nice to take time to write down your thoughts, reflect on your day or even dive into a daily devotional.  Whether you have time to do this in the morning, or keep it on your night stand for after your day is done, it is truly refreshing.  Sometimes we need a little spark of positivity to brighten up our day and see our situation in a new light.  Other times, reflecting and journaling can spark new goals or creative ventures in your life.

    Tip #5

    The One Minute Rule, this is something that I actually read in a blog post by the gorgeous Olivia Rink she wrote about how you do not put anything off for “later” that you could do in a minute or less.  This is a really awesome tool to use, because it makes sure those little to-do’s do not start to pile up.  Defeat procrastination by using the one minute rule on a daily basis.

    By using these tips, you will be able to stay on your grind all week long.  Just like so many of you, my life is overbooked, and there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.  Adulting is not always easy!

    Wishing everyone a blessed week.

    Cute Journals and My Favorite Devotionals

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    Detailed Denim

    Denim Dresses? Yes please!  I have been loving the denim trend lately and my two favorites ways to wear denim are dresses and jackets.  The typical denim jean look is out the window, and this seasons detailing is just too trendy to pass up.  I love to wear a denim dress with a cute pair of heels to dress it up.  If you want more of a casual look, they also look just as cute with sandals.  Just stick to non patterned shoes, so you do not take away from the detailing!  Jean Jackets are back and make a good “Jean on Jean” look, but also pair with cute floral dresses for Spring and Summer!

    Denim Dresses

    Denim Rompers

    Denim Shorts & Skirts

    Denim Jackets

    Denim Overalls

    Denim Shoes


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    Floral Inspired Spring Outfits

    Happy Monday to you! I have had a very productive Monday, which kind of makes you want to take on the rest of your week like a boss.  It was nice to see my list of “To Do’s” get crossed off one by one and truly feel accomplished.  With that said, Spring is here and so are the cutest Floral Inspired looks which I will link below for you guys.  I love florals (if you can’t tell from my Instagram or previous Posts) a little too much, probably because they are cute, trendy, and accessorize the look for themselves.  You don’t need to worry about crazy jewelry when your outfit makes a statement.

    I know some of you are not in Florida, and the weather is still a little cool so feel free to add a cute denim Jacket to your look!

    Floral Dresses

    Floral Tops

    Floral Shorts

    Floral Accessories

    Floral Shoes

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    Modest Floral Dress

    Happy Mid-Week! You may have noticed my floral dress in my Wedding Cake Tasting Post  this week. If you wanted all the details on this comfortable modest dress, I am happy to share.  I have always loved florals, and tend to wear them year round.  Something that is unique about this dress is that it has long sleeves and is a modest length allowing it to be a wardrobe piece for Summer and Winter.  I love the color and wore it Saturday and Sunday this past weekend (no shame).

    Where I would wear this dress:

    • To church
    • To a dinner date with my Fiance
    • A casual wedding
    • Bridal shower
    • Baby Shower
    • Birthday Party
    • GNO
    • Work (I live in dresses)
    • To run errands (literally throw it on and out the door you go, looks effortlessly pretty)

    I have a discount code for all of you floral loving babes out there! Check out this Boutique: HERE and make sure to use code “KAYLA10” at checkout. They have really unique trendy pieces and you can use the discount on anything you want!

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    Cake Tasting Tips and Details with Alley Cakes

    This past Saturday we (Joseph and I) made our way to Alley Cakes Bakery in Neptune Beach FL. She came highly recommended from so many friends and family, and I am going to share some information on our Tasting and Tips for your own wedding!  Along our tasting adventure we brought my mother and our two good friends Connor and Shauna!

    Upon our arrival we were greeted with Mimosas (Yum) and the prettiest assortment of cake, brownies, cake pops, macaroons, rice krispies, lemon bars, and cookies OH MY!

    Something that is unique about Alley Cakes Bakery  is that everything is made from scratch, and she makes the most amazing “pinterest” perfect cakes around.


    My top 3 Favorites from the Tasting:

    1. Champagne Cake Pops
    2. Oreo Cake Pop
    3. Poppin’ Bottles Cupcake (Champagne Vanilla Cake with a Bubbly Champagne Buttercream, light pink and gold Sprinkles )

    Joseph’s top 3 Favorites from the Tasting:

    1. Oreo Cake Pops
    2. Peanut Butter Cupcake
    3. Sugar Cookie

    For our big day we have decided on having a Wedding Cake, Grooms Cake, and “Small Desserts” which is what Alley Cakes is best known for.  With all of that in mind, we still have 11 months to choose our our final product which is truly nice when you never know what the new trends will be in 2019! We will be back very soon for a dessert date!

    Ps. We may or may not be having Chocolate Covered Bacon at the reception! (Guess you’ll have to wait and see)


    Tips For Wedding Cake Tastings:

    1. Be open to all flavors of cake/desserts, something that surprised me was how amazing the Red Velvet cake was.  I usually would say “I am not a fan” but it was amazing.  By trying everything once, you can easily pick and choose your favorites or even surprise yourself with a new favorite.
    2. Make sure to ask questions about when the wedding cake and desserts will be made.  Alley Cakes makes hers fresh the day of, I would recommend ensuring your desserts will be made the day of or night before.
    3. Take friends and family with you (just not everyone). We had two friends and my mom come to the tasting and it was so fun!
    4. Show photos of what you would like your product to look like, this helps share your vision.
    5. There is usually a fee for a cake tasting so be sure to nail down your favorite ones and ask what the fee is and how many people can attend.
    6. Ask for a quote with different options. This helps if you are indecisive, sticking to a budget or have not nailed down your guest count yet.

    Wishing you all a wonderful week! 355 days until “I Do”