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    Warming up and WM Nutrition

    Warming up is something that I have not always done before my workouts. Recently I have incorporated a variety of warmups that I swear by and want to share with you.

    Why is warming up important? Warming up prepares your body for the workout you are about to endure by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation to your muscles. Stretching your muscles before your workout out can also prevent injuries.

    Is there anything more my warmups can do besides preventing injuries? Yes, in fact it increases your overall performance during your workout. A warmup has both physical and mental benefits. Deep breathing, along with muscle contraction allows your body to work more efficiently.

    How long should I warmup? I personally warm up for 10 minutes, but 10-20 is a great range!

    Warming up is great but should I cool down? Yes, I do a 5-8 min cool down whether its inclined treadmill walking or stretching! The goal is to get my heart rate below 120 Post high intensity workout. Cool down is so critical to your overall health after a workout. If you neglect to cool down, you can experience light headedness, fatigue etc. (Been there, done that, not fun!)

    How intense should my warm ups be? Warm ups should not be painful, they are there to support your workout, focus on pain free warm ups by backing off at the first sign of discomfort.

    In addition to warming up and cooling down I have been using protein powder and Pre-Workout from WM Nutrition 🙌🏻

    My favorite flavor is Cookies & cream, I use it for a simple protein shake or pour it into my smoothie for extra protein. (Delish!)

    WM Nutrition was so kind and gave you all 50% off your purchase with my code “kayla50“. Be sure to use it at checkout and give them a try! You’ll thank me later.

    Wishing you all injury free workouts!

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    Wedding Planning Update ft. Faux Suede Dress


    Wow, I can’t believe that I finally hit the one year mark before my big day!  It is officially 361 days until I say “I Do” to my best friend.  So far we have:

    • Picked a date (In Feb 2019)
    • Picked a Venue for Ceremony (St. Augustine FL)
    • Picked a Venue for Reception (St. Augustine FL)
    • Picked our colors (Red, White and Black) Very classy and simple
    • Picked out flowers (Only roses)
    • Picked a DJ

    Next up on the list for the next 30 days is:

    • Cake Testing (This upcoming weekend, so excited)
    • Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Proposals – I am planning something creative, and can’t wait to ask our favorite people to be a part of our big day!
    • Start looking for my dress (oo la la)
    • Pick a Photographer/Videographer
    • Invitation Design
    • Picking a Hashtag (Priorities right?) Ps. My last name will be Campbell

    There are so many reasons that I love that my wedding is February 2019!  We have so much time to take it slow, enjoy the process, the fun, the celebration and plan a beautiful day to say “I DO”.  I truly enjoy sharing my journey to my big day with you guys and will include more pictures and videos of fun things we do along the way.  If there is anything specific that you want to know about my big day, email me (Ms.KaylaLloyd@gmail.com or feel free to DM me on Instagram) I love hearing from you. Advice and suggestions are always welcome!

    I have been loving Faux Suede Trend, I was hesitant to try but I would have to say, 10/10 for “softness” and very figure flattering for all body types!

    Check out my Simple Suede Style

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    Palm Prints

    Happiest of Monday’s to you!

    Some days are easier to get out of bed than others, and some days it is much easier to hit “snooze” until you stumble out of bed in a hurry (Guilty: This morning I snoozed through my alarm, and skipped the gym). It has truly been a Monday, but in efforts to accept that every day is not “perfect” I choose to think optimistically in regards to the gym and my schedule.  I will give 110% tomorrow, but today I needed a break.

    Sometimes when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this busy life, we forget to enjoy our weekends, our day off or if you’re lucky ~ a vacation every now and then.  I have been living life to the fullest on my weekends (aka my only days off, aka my “vacations’ lol) wearing palm prints just seems to make me feel like I am truly on Vacay. It is only February, but if you are in Florida like me it is already 80 degrees out and nothing short of amazing. (I secretly wish every day was 85 degrees year round)

    I just ordered this cute dress two weeks ago, and have already worn it three times. Obsessed? Possibly.

    I am linking my outfit and the most adorable Palm Printed Items I found them all on Romwe!  I am wearing a size Small (Im 5’8) for reference, but I can also wear a medium. This was a part of my first purchase from Romwe, and if you are hesitant to purchase online from this site, don’t be.  The clothes are SO cute and the deals are unbeatable. (Patience is a virtue, the shipping may take a while but it is so worth the wait!)


    More Palm Prints From Romwe


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    10 ways to Shop on a Budget

    Welcome back to the Blog!  Today I am sharing 10 Ways to Shop on a Budget for clothes, groceries, furniture and more.  You can apply the following tips to any form of shopping! (I made it into a cute graphic for you all)

    Let me know which one of these tips works for you!


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    A Conversation From the Heart

    Hi there and welcome back to the Blog!  It is almost time for Valentine’s Day and I would have to say the best part for me personally is my spending time with my Fiance and Conversation Hearts… I do not know why I have been so obsessed with these candies since Age 5 when you would bring in Valentine’s for your entire class.  Most likely because they are pure sugar, and you can share the sayings with friends or your crush!

    On that note, I had something on my heart to share with you guys. My best tips for loving yourself, your life and others!

    Tip #1 Do NOT Compare

    The easiest way to be unhappy with what you have and who you are is to compare yourself to someone else.  Try to refrain from comparing yourself to someone else’s body, life, success, and even pictures.  You are so unique and so are they, just remember be happy with what you have and you will carry that happiness daily.  It is very easy, especially in today’s world with Social Media (Strictly a Highlight Reel) allowing us to sit around all day looking at what others are doing, wearing, traveling and living.  The best way to not compare yourself to others is to know your worth, know that everyone has “bad days” and there is no such thing as perfect.

    Tip #2 Be Positive

    The second thing I want to share is really going to help you love your life and enjoy the journey.  In each circumstance in our lives we have the choice to think negatively or pick out the positives.  By choosing to be positive, even in the small things you will notice you bring positivity to others around you and it becomes a habit.

    Tip #3 Share the Love

    It’s that split second when someone does something nice for you and you thank them. That moment you and a stranger pass and share a smile.  It is the time you take out of your day to share kindness to those around you.

    My Look

    Happy Valentines Day!  Love Yourself, Your Life and Others!~