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    Planning the Perfect Galentines Day Party!

    It’s that time of year, and Valentines Day is right around the corner.  Whether you are last minute Shopping for a special gift or planning a perfect V-Day outfit, I am here to help you throw a pinterest worthy Galentines Day Party!

    For those of you who are not aware of what “Galentines” Day is… Courtesy of Urban Dictionary: February 13th, the other half of Valentine’s Day, when you celebrate your love for our lady friends! Single or not. 

    First things first, you will need Decorations of all sorts~ “On Galentines Day We Wear Pink” pretty much sums it up, don’t you think?

    All party related items are linked from Amazon so you can plan the perfect party in the perfect amount of time! Just click on what you like throughout this post and add to your cart!


    The Decor



    Plates, Napkins, Cups



    Cupcake Decor


    Now get your Party Pants on and start planning your invite list!  Wishing you and your gals the happiest Galentines!

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    Two Cute Travel Bags With Jon Hart Design

    Happy Monday Everyone!

    I hope your weekend was amazing! My Fiance and I took a little trip down south this weekend to Orlando and enjoyed food, parks and quality time!  Speaking of traveling, there are some weekend get-aways that you just need a good duffle bag for, am I right?  Suitcases are fun, but nothing says last minute weekend trip like a cute duffle with your Monogram on it.  Jon Hart has an very special new color out “Rose” and she is gorgeous, like you!

    I enjoyed her this winter in a duffle and makeup bag, because what more can a girl need? Jon Hart’s new Rose was a pretty pop of pink for Winter, but I think it goes great for our upcoming Spring Season.  The Makeup bag is a perfect little gift for your gal pals or yourself.  As a bride-to-be myself, I think they make a good “Brides Maid Proposal” Gift!

    Jon Hart has everything from Duffels, Garment Bags, Suit Cases, Backpack and more, ps. it looks better with your Monogram on it!

    Check out their new line HERE

    Thank you Jon Hart for Sponsoring this post!

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    Valentines Day Gifts for Him

    Valentines Day is right around the corner, make sure you have HIM covered!


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    10 Things I Use on a Daily Basis

    Welcome back to the Blog!  If you want to get to know me a little better, let me start by introducing 10 things I use on a daily basis. Oh and good news, I have linked the products below, just click on the image and shop away!

    1. My Clarisonic Mia Fit – I use this morning and night, and since I started I have not stopped.  It might be genetics, but I have not had a breakout since. (It is heaven-sent) If you love your skin, I would invest in this product!

    2. A wooden hair brush.  Not sure if you have jumped on this trend or not, but let me tell you why I did.  By using the wooden hair brush, you redistribute your hair oils, message your scalp, and it does not rip your hair out.  Say goodbye to your hairbrush full of hair!

    3. A great Lip Balm.  I put Lip balm on before Bed and as I get ready in the morning, these are a few of my favorites!

    4. A Devotional.  I tend to have a few of these lying around, one in the car, one at home and one in my backpack.  If you are looking for a little positivity, or just want to read and reflect more on your faith I highly recommend these!  They are amazing.

    5. Bath Robe. I typically wear my bathrobe when I doing my makeup in the morning in efforts to not get anything on my clothes!  I love to wear it around my room, after a nice shower, or even over my clothes when I am cold! (haha just met?)

    6. Mascara.  Literally no matter what I am doing for the day, I have to have Mascara. Here are some of my Fav’s!  I mixed in Drugstore products and name brand (I think a lot of drugstore mascaras truly work just as well as the expensive ones!)

    7. Perfume. I love perfume and lately I have been only using these two! They smell SO amazing.

    8. Kopari Coconut Face Cream.  I live by this product, and it truly works wonders on my skin.  It is natural, worth the investment, and last a long time.  I only use a dime size every morning so it is worth it. I am really conscious of the products that I use on my skin, if you want a natural product that does not clog your pores and leaves your skin smooth… this is it!

    9. Random Notebook of Ideas.  This is something I have had for two years, and I carry it with me for those “random ideas” that you do not want to forget. I use it for blog ideas, life inspiration, to do lists, wedding thoughts and more. (This one is under $5 and Prime on Amazon!)

    10.  My Apple Watch.  The reason I love my Apple Watch is because it keeps me on track with steps, exercise, heart rate and more.  I really feel more attentive to making sure I am moving and taking care of myself!  I have the Series 3:

    Well, theres 10 things I use daily!  If you have something you want me to blog about Shoot me an email or a Direct Message and you may see it on the blog soon!

    Have an amazing week!

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    Modestly Fashionable with Cleo Madison

    If you struggle with finding fashionable and modest pieces look no further. Being tall and fairly thin my entire life I have always had “legs for days” and struggled with finding modest clothing. An online clothing boutique, Cleo Madison has solved all my fashion problems! They have a great selection of fun fashionable pieces, that are sure to leave more to the imagination.

    This weekend, my fiancé and I were strolling around St. Augustine, shopping and enjoying a nice dinner date. I wanted to dress up, regardless of the cold weather and this dress was such a fun look. I paired it with my favorite brown heels and a scarf for some color. I love how comfy and soft the fabric is- especially when walking a few miles throughout a historic town. Plus the dress has POCKETS!

    I think the gray is so perfect for the winter time, and really allows you to dress it up or down!

    Safe to say, if you ever need a classic modest look, Cleo Madison has you covered!

    Be sure to check out there store and Instagram for more fun styles!

    Happy Tuesday!

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    How To: Be Organized and Balance a Busy Schedule

    Have you ever met that person who has it “all together” and seems like they are juggling their crazy, full-scheduled life so effortlessly.  I have a few tips that have helped me tackle not only my 2018 Organizational goals, but lifestyle changes to stay more organized. Some of you may know me personally, and others may not, but I have a very busy schedule.  I tend to say “yes” to everyone and everything. (Something I am working on).  I am a Manager Full time (40+ hours a week), while juggling four classes  (Full Time Student) at a University which I take at night, while planning my dream wedding (February 2019), keeping a workout schedule, and part-time blogger. I am not telling you this to “brag” or flaunt all that I am accomplishing, just to give you insight to where my tips come from and how they have truly helped me get through the busiest time of my life.

    So let me get down to business, how can you be organized and balance YOUR busy schedule?

    Start by doing the most important things first

    Not everything in your life is equally important or beneficial to you.  Something that helps me, is when I learn to prioritize my life and get the most important things done first.  When you take time to accomplish these things, you suddenly have room on your schedule for other opportunities or relaxation.

    Write things down

    I have avoided this for years, and this is something that I have stuck to since January 1st, write it down.  I have a very good memory as I am sure some of you do, and when I choose to rely on myself to remember things without writing them down, things eventually slip through the cracks. I have this little planner with note space in it, that I carry everywhere with me –my office, school, home, the car– it allows me to write everything down in the moment and accomplish my tasks.

    Get up early

    I am the type of person that wakes up very early every day of my life.  I know most people take advantage of their off days to sleep in, relax and just not wake up before the sun.  The thing is, when you wake up around the same time every day, you are training your body and your body will adjust.  You will not feel tired and fatigued once your body is on a consistent schedule.  When I get up early, I get things done, I start by getting 8 oz of water, gathering my thoughts for the day, making my bed etc.  By the time you “wake up” you have already accomplished so much. (Yes, making your bed every day is an accomplishment).

    Do not procrastinate

    Do not get stuck in the mindset that there is “always tomorrow”.  I think the more you do today, the better your tomorrow will be.  Pushing things off for tomorrow or a later date can create anxiety or unnecessary stress in your life. If you read my 18 Things You Need in 2018 blog post, I mentioned the two-minute rule.  If the task at hand can be completed in two minutes or less, do it immediately.

    Take care of your body

    Taking care of yourself it so important.  Getting a good nights sleep, working out, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy diet.   I personally prep some of my meals when I know I will not have the time, to avoid eating out.  There is also a very cool feature on the iPhone that allows you to “set a bedtime”.  This acts as a reminder to ensure you get a good nights sleep.

    Leave time for you

    Make sure that you leave time in your schedule to sit down and read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee or even get a pedicure.  For me, I get a pedicure every two weeks and that is my “me” time.  Other times I will catch up on a favorite show, cook something new, take a Pilates class etc.  Whatever makes YOU happy, do that.


    We are ten days into the New Year, you still have time to adjust, get organized, relax and enjoy your life.  Remember to not put too many things on your plate.  My hair dresser once told me “You are always SO busy.  You should start to say “No” to somethings, so you can say “Yes” to the important things”- So thanks Karen! You rock.

    Wishing you an amazing Wednesday!



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    18 Things You Need in 2018

    Happy New Year!  It is incredible how fast 2017 flew by, and now 2018 is here.  Every year during this time we all start our resolutions for fitness, health and lifestyle goals that slowly dissolve as the year goes on. I have decided to share the 18 things I am incorporating into my 2018 for long term success.

    #1 The first thing that I want to start with is a planner.  I have always purchased a planner at the beginning of each year and promised myself to use it.  This year I am going to take time to become more organized and write things down.

    Here are some of the cutest planners I have found, all inexpensive and from Amazon! So you can get your planner in two days (prime shipping) and start staying organized.

    #2 I am going to take the initiative to drink more water.  Not only because I know it is good for me, but you feel better, have better workouts, better skin etc. I usually entice myself to drink more water by buying fancy water bottles and telling myself that will make me drink more. This year, I have decided to stick to my goal, and drink water with a slice of lemon in various pretty cups, you should too!  Sounds silly, but a few dollars on a reusable cup may be what you need to kick start your health goals in 2018.

    #3 Develop a routine for your life.  Morning and Night, I have a strict routine that I am starting and sticking to for the rest of the year.  From the time of day I take my vitamins, reflect on my day, wash my face, do my skin care routine, what day of the week I do my laundry and so much more.  By coming up with a routine that fits your schedule, it will develop a habit and become easier to get these things done daily/weekly.

    #4 Be active.  Whatever that means to you, be active in some way.  For me that is going to the gym and running outside.  I have already signed up for my first 5K of the year!  Whether you become active by yoga, kickboxing, at home gym, your local fitness club or just getting outside, take the step to live a more active lifestyle.

    For me personally, I have the an Apple Watch (rose gold), which I use to track my fitness goals and share my results with my friends.

    #5 Take time away from your devices.  It so hard to be present in the moment when we are constantly looking at our phone, tablets, computers and everything but the people we are with.  This year I want to make it a point to be more present in the moment and take time to put my phone away at a certain time each night, and more importantly when I am with my friends and family.  This will help strengthen your relationships and enjoy what is going on in the moment.

    #6 Take time to smile.  Just by smiling you become happier, and can make those around you happy too!

    #7 Write thank you notes.  I am a huge fan of taking the time to write someone a thank you note.  Whether they did some big or small, a hand-written note can make a world of a difference.  It is so unheard of to write a thank you note nowadays.  These are a few of my favorites, to keep on hand.  I throw some in a drawer in my desk at work and it my car because you never know when you will need them!

    #8 A positive mind.  Keep positive about whatever life throws your way!

    #9 A healthy balanced eating habit, not a crash diet.  Focus on eating foods that will fuel your body, and permanently add them to your life.

    #10 Read a good book, or do a daily devotional.  Taking time to better yourself in any way is always beneficial to your life.  Here are a few of my daily devotionals!

    #11 A good daily moisturizer with SPF.  Not only does having a daily moisturizer with SPF help with aging, it prevents skin cancer and acts as a protective layer to your skin.  My Fiance and I both use a daily moisturizer on a regular basis.

    #12 A budget. It is not only important to have a budget if you are trying to save money, but being on a budget of any kind can allow you to have money for travel and leisure items.  I have always had a budget, and will continue to make it a part of my 2018.

    #13  Being organized in your home.  This is something that I need to work on specifically when it comes to using something and putting it back when I am done with it.  I always use things to get ready or try on a few outfits and then create a small mess that I save myself to pick up later.  This year I am going to work on putting things back as I use them, in order to remain organized.

    #14 Make your goals and follow through with them.

    #15 Implement the two minute rule.  This is something that I discovered recently while reading an article.  If the task can be done in two minutes or less, do not push it off, just do it immediately.  This simple rule will make you more efficient.

    #16  A good pair of Sunnies.

    #17 Go the extra mile.  In 2018 I want to make sure that I go the extra mile, be kinder than necessary, more patient and always look to help those around me.

    #18 Share your goals and inspire others.

    Happy 2018 Everyone!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year.