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    Fall Date Ideas

    Happy Tuesday!

    Now that Fall is upon us, it is time to cozy up with that Special Someone and that means the cutest date ideas!

    All too often it is the guys job to come up with the “cute” ideas or surprises, this list is great for girls too… I love surprising my Fiance with fun random dates!

    Fall Date Ideas

    • Hike a Scenic Area
    • Head to your local coffee shop
    • Have a Picnic in a park
    • Snuggle near a warm fire (don’t forget the s’mores)
    • Make Homemade Candy Apples together
    • Go to a pumpkin patch, pick the pumpkin. Then have a carving contest!
    • Shop a local Farmers Market
    • Visit a brewery/wine tasting (if you are 21+)
    • Go to a Fall Festival
    • Go to a corn maze
    • Enjoy a football game
    • Give back to your community (Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen)

    Every single week my Fiance and I go on a date, we find time to spend together and just focus on enjoy each other’s company.  Whether its a free date, a deal we found on Groupon or something random we look forward to that time together.

    Something SO EXCITING is that this past Sunday we did our Engagement Photoshoot and I will be sharing these pictures in 2-3 weeks! (I seriously can not wait!!)

    I took this candid photo of Joseph in his bow-tie because he looked like such a stud.

    I look forward to sharing our special shoot soon, thanks for reading!

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    Orange You Glad It’s November?

    It is already the middle of November, the time has seemed to go by so fast this year!  There are so many wonderful things that happen in November like Thanksgiving, and my Birthday! (November 17th)  I am always looking forward to this month, to spend time with family and friends.

    My Favorite Things about November

    • The Weather
    • Pumpkin Flavored Foods
    • Thanksgiving
    • Time with Family and Friends
    • Black Friday Shopping
    • My Birthday
    • Leaves changing colors
    • One month until Christmas
    • The food (Pie- Yum)
    • Seasonal Home Decor

    I love wearing tops that are bright and fun, this Gianni Bini top is so cute for November!

    Jeans: HERE    Heels: On sale for $10.00: HERE

    Cute Orange Top’s Under $25 for all my Budget Babes!

    Target Babes: HERE

    Forever 21 Babes: HERE

    H&M Babes: HERE

    Have a wonderful week!

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    Socialite Clothing

    Happy Sunday Everyone!

    Today I am sharing some fun styles from Socialite Clothing that can be found in Nordstrom Stores and online!  I am always a fan of Florals no matter what season we are in and think they are such a fun way to make your outfit come together.

    The Floral, Off-The-Shoulder Top

    Florals first, am I right?  This top is such a cute top, has an off the should vibe while still being appropriate for Fall.  The quarter sleeves are great for a cool fall day, or even throw on your leather coat for those winter chills.  I paired this top with a dark pair of jeans and OTK (Over-The- Knee) boots.  I think this outfit is casual and cute, perfect for an effortless day where you can let the details do the work. Plus, how cute is the print?

    Purchase Floral Top: HERE

    Dusty Blue Romper

    Who says a romper is only acceptable for the summer?  For me in Florida, it is still 85 degrees and I am happily extending my Summer Wardrobe into fall.  However, on a serious note, a romper is so versatile especially this one.  Throw on a pair of OTK boots and a jacket, now your ready to rock your romper all Winter Long.  The color of this ~Dusty Blue~ is to die for, and the lace detailing is so pretty.  I am going to be wearing this gorgeous piece on repeat, maybe it will even be my Birthday Outfit? (November 17th). Keep in eye out for this gem on my Instagram page.

    Purchase Romper: HERE

    Distressed Pink Top

    This top is perfect to pair with a ripped pair of jeans, but I need to warn you… It is the absolute softest Tee on earth.  Yes, it marks #1 in my closet for comfy and cute.  You can not go wrong with this top, however it is one of those shirts my mom always says “People actually buy clothes with holes in them”.  Yes it is a trend, duh!

    Purchase Distressed Pink Tee: HERE

    Thank you all for reading, and I wish everyone an amazing Week.

    P.s. Anyone else stoked it is almost Thanksgiving?



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    Busy Schedules and Balancing Health

    Today’s blog post is for all those “Busy Bee’s” out there who are struggling with balancing the daily routines and taking care of your body.  I am going to share my latest tips on how to balance the busiest of schedules, and balance your overall health.

    Take it from me, a 20 something working a 40+ hour work week in management, going to college at night (full-time business major) and pursuing this fun hobby of blogging.  On top of all that I have to make time for my family, friends, working out, and my meals.  Something that I have been drinking for the past few weeks is Soylent, and is my go to meal in a bottle. (I’ll share more below)

    Busy Bee Tips:

    1. Have a calendar: Use google calendar, the calendar on your iPhone, a paper version, or even a mobile.  Something that is practical and you will look at every day.  Personally I use the calendar on my iPhone and it syncs with my outlook, I prefer this over the paper version because I do not go anywhere without my precious phone.
    2. This is the follow-up to #1, actually use the calendar. Make sure you put all those “silly” and small appointments on there, because after a while they start to add up and you can easily double book yourself.
    3. Take ten minutes at the end of every day and go through everything that happened.  Chances are something has slipped through the cracks and you will remember it by reflecting on it.
    4. Fit workouts into your schedule.  Sure you may not be able to work out 7 days a week, but fit some sort of physical activity in your schedule.  There are times that I can not go to the gym before or after work/school, so during my lunch break I will go outside and take a 15 minute walk.  Yes, even small amounts of physical activity is better than no physical activity.
    5. Make sure you are staying hydrated, with WATER.  I have told myself all the excuses in the world to why I did not drink enough water in the day. “It has no flavor”, “I consumed other non-caffeinated liquids, I’ll be fine”… water is so good for you and so important. Just drink it.
    6. Plan your meals out by the week.  When in doubt Drink Soylent.

    What is Soylent?

    Soylent is a nutritionally complete, ready-to-drink meal in a bottle.  I keep four different flavors at work and home, and grab a bottle when I know I just do not have enough time to eat a full meal.  I cannot afford to skip meals, feel hungry or fatigued with all of my commitments, that is why I truly rely on Soylent for my busy schedule. Soylent is convenient, tastes amazing (my favorite flavor is Cacao), nutritious and filling.

    Soylent is the superhero you need during your long week.  Do not miss a meal, instead grab a bottle with the complete blend of nutrition your body needs thrive!

    Where can you get yours?

    You can order by the case on Amazon or Soylent.com

    Thank you Soylent for Sponsoring this post.