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    The ONE thing you MUST keep from Summer!

    Happy Friday! Another week has flown by, just like this past Summer. There’s one thing you should keep from that Summer Bucket list… your TAN. 

    Self Tanners can work miracles on your skin, moisturizing, adding a “glow” and maintaining that effortless natural tan year round. The hard part is finding a Self Tanner that doesn’t stain your clothes, turn you orange and is hassle free. 

    As a girl on the go, I have a small amount of time to make my tan happen. Thankfully I have been rocking my tan from Summer to Fall with Tanceuticals Self Tanner. I am going to walk you through my process of tanning my face and body, as part of my nightly routine. You can have a flawless tan, with little effort and amazing products. 

    First, I have my Self Tanning Face Lotion which is available in Dark and Light! I wash my face as normal, then use an exfoliating brush and scrub to prep my skin. Then I pour a quarter of the product on my palms and rub directly into my face, like a moisturizer. The reason I apply this at night, is to let the product sit on my face for a recommended 7-8 hours.  I was hesitant at first to put a Self Tanner directly on my face, in fear that I would wake up with an orange tint or even worse, a breakout. 

    I have normal skin (not oily, not really dry) but I feel like this product is great for girls with dry skin, the Self Tanner acts as a moisturizer as well. The product is not over powering and gradually tints your skin with a tan. I typically apply this to my face 3 times a week, and a little product goes a long way!  I tan extremely easily so I use the color “dark”. If you want to try it out and haven’t gone dark, I recommend trying the light, then working your way into the darker tint.

    Something that I like to do is exfoliate my neck as well, so that I can apply the Self Tanner directly to my neck for even coverage. This adds a more natural tan look, and no need for blending with bronzer/makeup. 

    Next, I tan my body head to toe with the Tanceuticals Self Tanning Body Lotion again, I use the tint “dark”. There is a light option as well, for those who like to gradually build their tan or don’t tan very easily. The very first thing I do before tanning, is take a shower. I usually shave my legs (this acts as a natural exfoliater) and I then use a body scrub to remove any dead skin. If you are serious about a good tan, you will need to invest in an exfoliater! 

    Tanceuticals Pre-Tan Exfoliater is reasonably priced, and has this amazing coconut scent (yum!). So after your exfoliate head to toe, you are ready to tan! I start by taking my Tanning Mitt (prevents your hands from staining) and squeezing the product directly on the mitt. Then I work my way from my feet up. I tan my entire body, feet, legs, stomach, back, neck, chest, arms and face.  Keep in mind you want to apply with even pressure and circular motions for best results and no streaking. 

    Problem areas… Girls, let me tell you, I have never been able to successfully tan my back. EVER. I could not reach it, had to have assistance, or it was terribly uneven. I was so happy inside when Tanceuticals came out with their Body Buddy Back Applicator ❤️??  you mean I don’t have to twist my arms in all different directions to tan my body? (Life Made) 

    The Body Buddy is such a game changer, it is so easy to use. You apply the Tanner directly to the applicator, then grab both ends and slide is across your back. #Goals am I right?

    During the winter I tan my entire body twice a week, this works for me to keep a consistent tan, and I live in Florida so I might even be in shorts on Christmas ??

    If you have never tried a Self Tanner, or need great results, I would recommend The Self Tanning Kit for starters. 

    After all, Tanceuticals is the #1 rated Self Tanner: See HERE

    Thank you Tanceuticals for sponsoring this post! 



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    Get your Vanity Organized

    Happy Wednesday Everyone!

    Today is all about Beauty and organization.  I am always looking for little ways to declutter my Vanity area (and my life) so I thought I would share some amazing ideas on having a clean and fun space!

    All Pictures are Shoppable and Budget friendly! (Click on what you want to purchase)

    First things first, you are going to need storage.  Some of you love the Acrylic Storage, but others do not want to see all the beauty products through your storage.

    I love this simple white clutter free organizer, perfect for Makeup, Beauty Products, Brushes etc.  This is great if you want a clean space with small storage.

    For those of you who have a love for makeup like myself, I think these are the “prettiest” organizers and so fun for your vanity.

    Brush/Tool Organizers

    Multi Drawer Organizers

    These are perfect for everything, literally everything! You can even label the drawers for a more organized feel.


    Happy Organizing my friends! Making sure everything has a “home” allows for a clean and easy space.

    Have a wonderful week!



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    Current Favorite Full Body Toning Workouts and Pre-workout Details!

    Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

    I hope everyone had an amazing Monday, and is off to an amazing week.  Today I am going to share a few of my favorite toning workouts.  I have been focusing on toning my body (Arms, legs and abs) specifically and wanted to share what works best for me.  I wake up at 4:30 am (most week days) and hit the gym before starting my work day.  I need my workouts to be as effective as possible, and I hope this helps you!


    Let’s start with arms. I workout my arms twice a week and tone them on my full body toning day.  Specifically for toning, I personally find that lower weight and higher reps works wonders for definition in my arms. I am not trying to lose any weight off my arms, just tone the muscle I currently have.

    Toning for Arms Workout #1: Arm Circles with 3-5 pound dumbbells. While placing your feet shoulder width apart, extend your arms out to shoulder height. Make sure that you keep your shoulders down, move your arms in a circle backwards (repeat 20 time as one set.) Then switch directions and move arms in a circle forwards (repeat 20 times as one set.)  I will do 10 sets of this (forward and backward).

    Toning for Arms Workout #2: Bent over Dumbbell Rows.  I typically use 10 pound weights for this workout, and do 4 reps of 20. Tips for this workout would be making sure you control the weights as you bring them back down to the hanging position, be careful not to let your chest collapse in.

    Toning for Arms Workout #3:  Chest Fly Handoff: I make sure to use a lighter weight for this one, preferably 5 pounds.  You will need to lie on your back, bending your knees, arms raised above your chest, holding the dumbbell in one hand.  Keeping your elbows slightly bent, you want to make sure your arms are open to the sides (like hugging a big tree).  Raise your arms back to center, and hand the dumbbell off to the other hand.  Each pass will count as 1 rep (I do 30 reps 6 sets).


    Toning for Legs Workout #1: Lunges (no weight) Lunges are the best right?  I love leg toning, so feel free to change the reps to fit your workout.  I will do 50 lunges and 8 sets, you will thank me later.  This not only tones your legs, but your butt.

    Toning for Legs Workout #2: Squats (10 pounds), I know it does not sound like much but you are toning, this is not leg day.  I will do 20 squats and 8 sets of this as well.

    Toning for Legs Workout #3: Stair Climber.  I like to use the stair climber to get my cardio and tone up my thighs!  I usually do the Stair Climber for 15-20 mins on toning days, to get my heart rate up and tone those legs!

    Jump Rope, now that my heart rate is up I will proceed to do 500 jump ropes. (Is that how you say it? Let’s go with that… “jump ropes”)

    Then as a cool down I will plank (1 plank for 30 seconds, repeat 6 times)

    That is my current toning routine, let me know if you try any of these, or share your own toning workouts with me!

    So, just recently I started to use a pre-workout supplement from WM Nutrition I prefer to mix it in a few ounces of water in my blender bottle 15 minutes before I start my workout. I have noticed my increased energy levels (Working out at 5:30 am can make you a little tired).  I would say that I use this on mornings that I need the extra boost to have a good workouts, which is usually just Monday- Friday.

    Benefits to using WM Nutrition’s Pre- Workout:

    • Allows you to train to your full potiential
    • Better Focus
    • Reduce Muscle Fatigue
    • Support your metabolism

    I like the WM Nutrition Pre-workout, because it is made with women’s gym goals in mind and does not have a crazy amount of caffeine in it, as others out there on the market.  Knowing the ingredients that are in your supplements are so important, and I feel as though WM Nutrition focuses on using ingredients that benefit your body.



    You can purchase this pre-workout: HERE

     For anyone looking for Weight Management Supplements: Click Here

    WM Nutrition offers a variety of deliciously flavored (Strawberry Dacquiri, Coconut Lime, Citrus, and so many more) Weight management supplements. These products will aide in burning more calories, and have all natural supplements to fit your lifestyle.

    **Special Discount for my Blog Readers**

    Today WM Nutrition came out with two new flavors for their Pre-workouts.

    Flavors: Green Apple and Sour Strawberry

    Use Code “pre37” to purchase the pre-workout at a discount during their Pre-Sale.

    EVERYTHING else you can use code “wmn20” for 20% off site wide.

    Thank you WM Nutrition for Sponsoring this post 

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    Headbands of Hope

    Happy Thursday Everyone!  I am so happy to be sharing with you an amazing company, that supports an even more amazing cause.  Headbands of Hope sells the most gorgeous Headbands, and for every headband purchased, a headband is given to a child with Cancer.

    What I love about their headbands is that they have so many different styles, so there is one out there for every girl.  The headbands make great gifts for friends, family members and yourself.  I am wearing “Teal Lush” which you can purchase HERE

    I am going to put images of my favorite Headbands for FALL below, you can click and shop!

    The Headbands are not only trendy, but affordable.  They have a unique feature on the headband that allows you to adjust it to fit your had perfectly.  This was important to me because I do not like when I feel that the headband is too tight.  I wore my headband all day, headache free.

    More about Headbands of Hope, you need to checkout their Giving Gallery the photos aline will warm your heart.  It is so important to support businesses with a passion for serving and helping others.  The company was Featured on the Today Show: HERE

    So what do you say? Do you want to Help give Hope with a Headband?





    Shop Headbands of Hope Instagram: HERE


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    Boutique Spotlight: Olivia Hudson Clothing Boutique

    Olivia Hudson Clothing Boutique is like shopping in the closet of the girl you always wanted to borrow clothes from.  The clothes are effortlessly cute, trendy and flattering.  My obsession with florals didn’t come to an end like my summer has.  It’s acceptable to wear floral dresses year round in Florida right?

    Before I totally transform my wardrobe from Summer to Fall, you can catch me frolicking around in these Floral must haves!

    Blush Floral Dress

    This is the perfect…

    • First Date Dress
    • Summer Dress
    • Casual Run Errands Dress
    • Travel the Globe Dress
    • Look Effortlessly cute Dress

    I love dresses that are just cute by themselves, this is one of them.  You can keep your accessories to a minimum with this Floral Piece. The pattern is fun and flirty, and the material is light. (Can it get any better?) I wore this to my Sunday morning breakfast date with my Fiance and he said it was one of his favorites!  I will be wearing this on repeat as long as I can.

    The arm details are so flattering, I have never been a fan of off the should with tight arm details until now. It complements your arms’ and adds a “boho” look to your day.  I am currently day dreaming of a deep tan and next summer in this pretty pink piece.

    Next up, Open Back Floral Dress

    I don’t know if you saw my Instagram photo,

    but I repeat… I am a sucker for back details.

    This dress is your “center of attention” dress.  If you want to make a statement, I highly recommend letting this dress do the work.  It has a detailed high neck, cut outs, open back, a bow and it is a MAXI.  Maxi’s are so flattering, make you look taller, slimmer, and add a sense of elegance to your look.  The color of this dress has summer vibes written all over it.

    Shop all Dresses

    Follow Olivia Hudson Clothing on Instagram

    Shop Olivia Hudson Clothing’s Instagram Photos

    P.s. They have the most amazing Fall Sweater for all of you planning to fill your wardrobe with warmer items. Shop Sweaters: HERE


    Thank you Olivia Hudson Clothing Boutique for sponsoring this post!






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    FALLing for Pink Lily Boutique

    Happy Monday Everyone! For anyone who lives in Florida like myself, I am eagerly awaiting the Fall weather! (It has been 85 degrees on Christmas before)  Fall is the time of year for Scarves, Boots, Sweaters, Latte’s (Do you even Pumpkin Spice?)

    The Pink Lily Boutique has the Perfect Tee’s for Fall. I am so excited to share them with you!

    You can click on the Top you love to purchase it! These are just some of my Favorites for Fall.

    Pumpkin Spice Lovers


    For a Thankful Heart

    Halloween Vibes

    SHOP the full line of Pink Lily Graphic Tee’s

    Follow Pink Lily on Instagram 

    Did you see me wear my Graphic Tee on my Instagram?

    I love the color, and it is such a good reminder during this season of Thanksgiving!  Happy Early Fall Everyone.

    Thank you to Pink Lily Boutique for Sponsoring this post!

    • All Graphic Tee’s Pictured are photographed by Pink Lily Boutique
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    At Home Spa Night with L’Occitane

    It’s Sunday, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start the week off right, than an at home Spa Night.

    I am constantly on the go, and I am sure many of you can relate to having very little “me time” on a weekly basis.  Thank goodness there are some amazing products to help you relax and enjoy the “spa” feeling in your home.

    First is the L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath.  The trick is to start filling up your tub with hot water, and pour a small amount into the running water.  The aroma is delightful and a little goes a long way.  The Foaming Bath adds the perfect mix of relaxation and rejuvenation to your bath time. I bring a magazine or book into the tub and soak, staying away from my phone and other electronics giving my mind a nice peaceful break.

      If you love to relax, but don’t have time for the bath, or do not have a bath in your home no worries. L’Occitane has an equally amazing Almond Shower Oil.  Something that I love about this product is that it is a body wash and a shaving cream.  Yes, they recommend it as a shaving cream! (Amazing) It is SO smooth and nourishing to the skin, I am obsessed.

    Large (16.9 fl oz) Shower Oil

    Almond Shower Oil Refill 

    After your shower or bath it is all about HYDRATION. Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream is a non greasy lotion (Heaven Sent) and is made for sensitive skin. I use this immediately after showering or soaking in the tub to restore my skins hydration on my face and neck. You only need a small amount, and it soaks right into your skin, leaving you with a healthy glow morning and night.

    Lastly, I think most women do not take time to moisturize their hands. Sure we get the occasional manicure, but do we show our skin daily love?  I have been using the L’Occitane Hand Cream for over 2 years, and I carry a small tube in my purse.  It feels amazing, leaves your hands super soft, and keeps your skin youthful.  When we think of “aging” we don’t necessarily think our hands.  There are so many ways to protect your skin, this is my favorite.

    Shea Butter Hand Cream


    A Spa night at home is made simple with L’Occitane.

    I hope you guys enjoy!  These products also make amazing gifts!




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    Haven Horse Ranch Riding Experience

    Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day weekend.

    I spent my Saturday at Haven Horse Ranch!  I learned how horses think, how to groom your horse before riding, and had an amazing lesson.

    A little about Haven Horse Ranch

    • They are non-profit
    • They have summer camps, lessons, clinics, retreats
    • Specialize in Therapeutic riding for children and adults with disabilities
    • Located on 26 acres

    My Experience:

    There is currently a Groupon out there for anyone who wants to have a similar experience to mine.  I arrived at 10:00 a.m. this Saturday with my Fiance, and met with out instructor.  We have been horse back riding in the past many times, and no one has taken the time to explain to us in depth how a horse thinks, like Haven Horse Ranch did.  Not only did I personally gain knowledge on horses that I did not know before, I felt more confident getting on my horse and had the best riding experience of my life.

    How does a horse think?

    I do not want to spoil the details for those of you considering booking a lesson, but I will share my favorite piece of information with you!  Horses are like 4 year olds.  Yes, they do not have the ability to make good decisions, they are reliant on your guidance and will follow your command as long as you are “alpha”.  Now, I am not saying horses are dumb in any way, however they are stubborn and if you let them be the leader on a trial ride, during a lesson etc, you will be putting your own fate in their hands.  A lot of people see the glamorous “horse back riding” and when something goes wrong, they blame the horse.  By establishing you are the leader from the begining, you are now in charge of every move that horse makes, and you cannot blame the horse since you are in charge.

    So how did I personally become Alpha to my horse?  During my lesson, I made the choice to turn right, turn left, walk on etc.  I did not allow my horse (Stetson) to make that decision for me.  If I made my right turn and he decide not, I did it again. (Horses are also stubborn like 4-year olds).  I have never enjoyed horse back riding until this past weekend.  I was not scared that Stetson was going to start running or kick me off, because I was his leader and it made me feel so confident as a rider.

    Meeting Stetson and Preparing for a ride

    Horses are alot of work, and require care and proper maintenance prior to throwing on the saddle. You would not just jump in your car for a road trip without making sure you had enough gas, the oil was topped off, tire pressure was suitable etc.  The same thought process should apply to horse back riding.  You need to make sure the horse is groomed prior to placing the saddle on, to ensure the best riding experience for the horse and yourself.

    Grooming Steps:

    Step 1: Curry Comb 

    The first thing I did was take the Curry Comb and comb through Stetson’s hair in a circular motion.  This stimulates the hair, and brings up dirt that is sitting in the hair to the surface.

    Step 2: Hard Brush

    This I used to remove the dirt from the horses hair, in a flicking motion with your wrist.  You will start to notice some of the shine within the horses coat coming through as your progress.

    Step 3: Soft Brush

    The Soft Brush I used in long strokes, brushing front to back smoothing down the hairs.

    Step 4: Hoof Pick

    I used the Hoof Pick to remove dirt from all four Hooves.

    Step 5: Mane and Tail Brush

    Just like you do not step out of the house without brushing your hair, Stetson got a nice detangling brush through his mane and tail.

    Ready to Ride:

    Now groomed, we are ready to ride.  My fiance Joseph rode Tex (my personal fav, he is so “pretty” to look at) and I rode Stetson. It is very interesting to see how each horse has its own unique personality, which really shows throughout the lesson.  We started by sitting on our horses and learning basic commands.  We then freely rode around on our horses giving commands at our own will.  Whether it was turn right, turn left… Stetson was stubborn but if I told him twice he was sure to do what I asked.  I was always fearful of riding because I felt that I simply did not have control of the horse.  Haven Horse Ranch really grasps the concept of properly preparing you to have the most enjoyable lesson possible, while being in control of your own ride.  I got to practice barrel walking, I would say racing but I don’t think I rounded the barrels at more than 5mph.  That was my favorite part of my lesson, because I learned how to direct Stetson properly, turn the barrel and instantly head toward our next target.

    There are a few “bad habits” that people will have during there time on a horse.  Mine was looking at Stetson, yes he was a “pretty horse” but do you look at your cars hood when you drive?  Would you be able to drive from your house to a new city by only looking at the hood of your car and not at the road? No.  I had to stop looking at the top of Stetson’s head and focus on our “target” aka where I wanted to go.  This was a huge game changer, and from then on I could properly guide Stetson where I wanted to go, which made it easier on the both of us.

    There were all sorts of fun games we played, Horse bowling, soccer, barrels and so on.  What an amazing experience on a horse.

    More About Haven Horse Ranch 

    • Haven Horse is geared towards helping kids with disabilities through these horses.  If you would like to know more click HERE
    • The revenue from your riding lessons helps to provide therapy for people with Autism, MS, MD, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and more..
    • Location: 7333 CR 208 St Augustine FL 32092
    • Call for More information: (904) 813 -5710
    • Registration, Sponsorship, Donation and Events can be found HERE
    • COMING SOON: Love Language Program??❤️

    Horse selfies: 

    The best all around personality goes to this guy?

    Thank you to Haven Horse Ranch for Sponsoring this Post